Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, February 21, 1944, Letter 2



Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, February 21, 1944, Letter 2


Letter, 2 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


New Orleans, Louisiana


Stoff, George














Pvt. Geo. Stoff 4250100
Co A 735 Rwy. OPN. BN
Camp Plauche, New Orleans, LA

Mrs. Florence Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Monday 2-21-44

Florence, dearest:
On the way to school to-day I was enveloped in a dense fog, which reminded me so much of me in my present condition. Here I am in one hell of a fog, but just as the sun cleared up the atmospheric fog, so does the beacon created by your love for me as a lighthouse to me, and I find it simple to come thru and out of the gloom surrounding me. All this is due not so much by conditions here, but primarily to the change of my way of life; my not being able to see and be with you, my love, not holding and playing with Jimmy, of so many things I have always done, and now I must look forward, always hopeful. Well, sweetheart looking forward and hoping, dreaming and planning is ever so simple when I realize how much I have in you to come back to. Having you seems to make all this regimentation easy to take, and believe you me my sun rises and sets in you, my beloved. I have no fear or doubts in my mind about you, and I do not hesitate to let you have my heart.

Upon my return to camp last night I found your letter of Thursday waiting and not only did I enjoy the contents, but I also like the paper. The rain stopped about 5:30 P.M. and we were able to go out to dinner. Had chicken and spaghetti in an Italian place in the French quarter. It was amateurish compared to La Palina, but what can I do these days. Friday’s letter arrived to-day and although the news is late after that phone call, yet it was good to learn that Jim is trying to talk. Keep after him, darling, he’ll sprout with words one of these days, and then daddy will talk to him over the phone. In the meantime I enjoy those wonderful conversations with you, and the moment I hang up I begin looking forward to the next call.

Received two letters from Bob to-day, and although nothing definite has been determined concerning his case, he fears the worst. But as you already know everything happens for the best. No other mail to-day, but I don’t mind as I have too little time to write these days. Caught up with most of my replies yesterday, and I don’t want any more such work for the next two weeks anyway; but it’s nice to get mail.

I feel O.K. , weather beautiful to-day: school is fine, have an exam Tuesday, but I’ll do all right. I will watch out for that package, and will return everything as soon as possible. To-day I was officially appointed to a new job in headquarters taking the place of a corporal. I was promised that if all went well I too might get stripes, so just keep this to yourself, until something popps. Naturally I will advise you as quickly as possible.

Hope you and our precious son are in fine health and spirits, and that all is well and under control as usual. Take good care of yourselves, darling, don’t worry, and I’ll keep right on loving you as always. Kiss Jim for me, and I’ll kiss you in mind.
As ever,


Keene State College

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