Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, April 3, 1944, Letter 2



Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, April 3, 1944, Letter 2


Letter, 2 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Brooklyn, New York


Stoff, Florence














Mrs. Florence Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn 10, N.Y.

Pvt. George Stoff (42050100)
Co A – 735 RWY OPN BN
Fort Snelling,

Monday evening
April 3, 1944

Dearest Sweetheart,
Need I write you how happy I am about learning of your more decent set up and it won’t be too long now when you will see our precious baby and Mommy again. I’m actually bursting with joy since this morning when I received three letters from you describing your new camp environment and plans for my trip. It’s all so wonderful and I do hope nothing will prevent our plans from materializing. Before the morning’s chores were finished, I called the information desk at Grand Central about the trip. This is the information I received. Train # 37 leaves at 3:20 in the afternoon and arrives in Chicago 8:30 the next morning. Then a train on the Milwaukee Road #5 leaves at 10:30 a.m. and arrives at Minneapolis at 6:45 – Round Trip ticket cost $74.15 plus 15% tax. A berth (I’m not sure if that’s a compartment) cost $6.95 plus 15% tax. The trip by chair car to Minn. cost about $2.35. Nothing for baby. This is just a rough idea but I’ll have Mr. Pincus check again when the time comes and I was advised to reserve tickets 2 weeks in advance. Here’s hoping, my darling, George that I’ll be with you before the month is up.

Baby and I are fine and dandy – in fact, Jim must think I’m a little daffy, because kissed and hugged him for you and me about 50 times to-day. Also called Pop early in the morning to tell him all the news. He and Mom say it’s out of the question that Mom make the trip with us. She will not leave Pop alone and I even suggested taking her with me to Bess’s place if not for a whole week – just the week-end. I’ll know her answer by to-morrow. Mom is quite thoughtful of Pop but not of herself – you know that. She’s really been very wonderful to baby and me and before I do leave on Friday I’ll get her something nice for Easter. I tried to get Pop some “Sliwowitz” from Charlie to-day but he has none and can’t get it. I didn’t buy any more liquor before April 1st because the liquor isn’t good and anything with a name cost too much now. Pop tested the apple-jack (the quart bottle) and said it was too new. Charlie said he’ll gladly take it back but I’m not returning anything, have no fear.

Enclosed find some snaps – these are the latest - and in back of me I’m posting $2.00 for you - as requested. I’ve also sent out your pkgs of socks, erasers, music book, etc., under separate cover insured. Also mailed Bob cigarettes. I have that $5.00 coupon you sent and I’ll deposit it in the bank to-morrow. I’ll also send all my checks to the checking account and withdraw some cash for home money.

Got out early this morning to get shoes for baby. What a job that is – no shoes no sizes – so I’m taking him again to-morrow to [?] to get a good pair at [Bok’s?] who has his size in white. The car runs fine and Allen told me to-day that he’s in IA. The charge for putting the car on blocks is the same as rental in garage but I’ll speak again to Allen this week.

Good night, my love, until to-morrow and a great big kiss from Jimmie. All the love that’s in my heart is yours and I sure miss you and love you every moment.

As always,


Keene State College

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