Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 1, 1944



Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 1, 1944


Letter, 2 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Stoff, George














Pvt. Geo. Stoff 42050100
Co A 735 RWY. OPN. BY
Ft. Snelling, Minn

Mrs. G. Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Saturday 4 – 1 – 44
Florence, darling:
It is amazing how readily I have changed in my ability to adjust myself to changing conditions. I move quickly and readily from one section of the country to another from camp to camp, from barracks to barracks, from bed to bed, and even from friend to friend, but sweetheart having left my heart with you long ago, all these changes are being made only by the body and not the mind. As time passes I dream and think and love you more than ever, and I expect when all this is over to just sit in a soft chair and adore you.

Your Sunday and Monday letters finally caught up with me to-day, and your description of your birthday sounded as though you had a happy day. I know quite wholeheartedly that you were lonely for me, but honey, bear up and soon I’ll be seeing you. Please follow Pincus’ suggestion about increasing the insurance on the car (fire and theft): and perhaps you better discuss the liability insurance with him too. A friend of mine here, who is a lawyer, advised me to continue the policy as I write you. Let me know what you do. In any event arrive at a decision soon and take care of the matter, also the payment of your own policy premium.

I am going to town to-night to attend a big Masonic meeting, the program of which I am forwarding you under separate cover. I have been given to understand that folks around here are much more hospitable than down South, and I’ll know more about that after to-night. We were paid to-day and now I am $15.30 richer. Hope you received that coupon I forwarded you. Also received a letter from Sam Harris, and all is well with him and his.

Jimmy seems to be quite capable of keeping you not only very busy daily, but also of amusing you with his antics. I know it’s a full time job, and taking care of the home, the car, financial matters, and worrying about me, but sweetheart try to keep your poise, and with the help of your sense of humor I’m certain all will turn out well. Going to Bess’ place for a week sounds like a good idea, and I hope you enjoy good spring weather. In about 2 weeks I will advise you about coming out here so stand by for orders.

Hope you, Jim, my folks and your family are all in good health and spirits. I feel fine and certainly enjoy the weather and surrounding countryside. Kiss Jim for daddy, and ask him to kiss mommy for me. With all my love,
As ever,


Keene State College

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