Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 11, 1944



Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota, April 11, 1944


Letter, 4 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota


Stoff, George














Pvt. G. Stoff 42050100
Co A 735 RWY OPN Bn
Ft. Snelling, Minn.

Mrs. Florence Stoff
c/o Mrs. B. Baxt
Sackett Lake
New York

Tuesday 4 – 11 – 44
Florence, darling:
Although we met in the beautiful Adirondacks I think, and you will probably agree with me, that all country places have been the sites of some of our most tender love scenes. Even the Catskills had some precious moments, and believe you me as I look back, and forward too, every moment I spent and will spend with you has been precious. Show Jim, tell him about our love for each other, so that he too will find it as simple to love his mommy and daddy as they find it natural to love each other. This feeling, this desire, this emotion must be dynamic, it must come from within one’s heart, or else it has no substance or depth.

Your Saturday letter was the only mail I received to-day, so I read it several times, each time being more thrilled than before. I am relaxed to learn that you had good weather and a pleasant trip; although Jim sure must have carried on a plenty. Of course traveling by car was a simple matter trucking along many superfluous items, but when you leave for this place, either send a trunk or travel as lightly as possible. In short don’t bring along the kitchen sink, because I’ll want some liquor.

I hope you spend a very pleasant week at Bess’s, and inconvenienced her as little as possible. Please don’t let them spoil Jim, and or Jon. Hope Bess’s affliction is temporary, and quickly cured. Living in the country must be a good ‘deal’ for kids and adults too, and honey when this is over please urge me continually to rent or purchase a little house in the suburbs. I’ll want so much to live a quiet, resigned life with my loved ones that only a home will suffice.

As I advised you in recent letters, as soon as you return home, make every effort to obtain R.R. reservations for any date after the 20th of April, and advise me pronto, so I can look for a suitable room or furnished apt. This is not as simple as you might think, especially with a child, so advise with no delay. I did not receive the Lodge Report yet, and cannot quite understand the whereabouts of both copies. I trust you mailed them to me. I will endeavor to phone you Sunday at 1 P.M. and again at 7 P.M. and if you intend being home by Sunday, please arrange to have my folks present for the phone call. I want to speak to them, and perhaps cheer them for a moment, see what I mean.

Little of importance happening at present. It is possible that I will be transferred to another company in the battalion, and be assigned to a new job. If this does come about I think it will be to my advantage. I will give you all the details as soon as the deal goes thru, so until then keep your fingers crossed. I feel great, Spring is in the air, and I know you’ll love this place. Minneapolis is just full of lakes and parks, as is St. Paul. With the Jewish women to go about with their cars, I hope you’ll get a chance to enjoy yourself, and give Jim plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

Dearest, don’t worry about the cost of the trip, as living expenses here will be cheaper than you imagine. Seeing and being with each other is worth going into hock for, and I hardly think that will be necessary at present. However, do not neglect to forward the money order I requested ($10) so that I will be able to pay for the rent in advance. I hope for you to stay about a month or 6 weeks, and then we will go home together on my furlough, so try to get here soon after the 20th.

Take care of yourself and Jim, kiss him for me, and make sure his kisses mommy for daddy. My best to Eleanor, Bess, Hy and Jan, and everyone else.

With a kiss in mind for my pretty wife, and every hope that all is well, you find me terribly in love with you.
As ever,


Keene State College

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