Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, March 20, 1944, Letter 2


Stoff Family
Mrs. Florence Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn 10,
New York

Monday 3-20-44

Florence, darling:
Although I am very busy doing all kinds of odd and ends both personal and on my job, I managed to go to New Orleans to-night for the express purpose of sending you a little birthday token. I had not forgotten about it, and I do want you to know that shopping in N.O. at night is quite difficult, as all the better shops are closed every evening, except in the French quarter. Please advise me when you receive it, as I had the shop mail it for me. Also describe it as I want to be certain that you receive the same article I purchased. Also bought a small Indian drum for Jim, and I hope he has a little fun with it.

We spent so much time looking for a gift, that it consumed the greater part of the evening. However we also had our pictures taken, and enclose herewith you find a likeness of me as I am to-day. Notice that I need a shave, but please forgive this, as I was rushed to get out of camp to do all this. It may be difficult to get out again for a while, so I decided to do this as soon as possible. We expect to leave this place in the very near future, and although I am not certain the exact destination, I have reason to believe it is close to a large, northern city and it should prove a good place for you and Jim to spend some time with me. Be patient, darling, all will be well soon, and you and I will once again be in each other’s arms.

Received your Friday letter, and am awfully sorry [Goldberg?] didn’t get around to visiting you, but I guess he was too preoccupied with his own family and friends. That Ebinger deal should prove interesting, and I hope you collect. I did not even know McKesson had paid a dividend this year, and your advice about the check was most welcome. Glad you put it into the bank, as I don’t think we should buy more than one bond per month. Received a letter from Bob to-day, and all is well with him and Fran.

I would appreciate if you would send me one copy of my annual report (Masonic) as I am going to attempt to organize a Masonic club in my battalion, immediately after we arrive at technical camp. Later on I will request several other things, but please forward this report without folding as soon as possible. Thanks, you pretty little sweetheart.

Hope you and Jim are feeling great and not worrying. Kiss the rascal for daddy, and I’ll kiss you in mind with love in my heart. Give my best to everyone, and I’ll be seeing you in all my thoughts,
As ever,
Keene State College
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