Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Fort Snelling, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 9, 1944


Stoff Family
Cpl. George Stoff 42050100
Co A 735 RWY OPN. BN
Fort Shelling

Mrs. Florence Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn 10,
New York

Friday 6-9-44
Florence, Sweetheart:
Although the sun has been shining brightly all day nevertheless it has been dimmed just a bit because I received no letter from you to-day. You can readily imagine my embarrassment, the mail-clerk receiving and distributing about 250 pieces of mail, and not one for himself, especially his sweetheart’s. I know quite well you wrote, and that the delay is in the transportation of it. But you know that I was most anxious to learn what kind of deal Joel had in the operating room, so I’ll try to be patient until tomorrow.

Many items of interest have taken place to-day and I’ll tell you about them in order. Early this morning the chaplain sent for me to tell me that the reason for the delay of my transfer request in Battalion headquarters was due to the fact that the company is 9 men understrength. As a result of this they cannot act upon transfer requests until the company is brought up to its normal strength. However, this afternoon I was advised that we are to get a number of new men in very soon. When, as and if they arrive I feel certain that the request will begin to make its round thru channels.

This afternoon the C.O. also asked me to act as general clerk for the company during the time the other clerk goes on furlough. This is a good deal, as it will keep me acquainted with the kind of administrative work I will do if the transfer comes thru. But, since all these things take time to add up into what I am seeking, namely that transfer to Don’s outfit, I thought it a good idea, now that Jim knows how to do it standing up to have you take a little vacation and trip out here. You may be here a week or perhaps a month or more, but the change of scenery and people will do you some good, to say nothing of how much I need and want you. It’s too lonely for both of us, so let’s take the bull by the horns and really have fun. Get all bills paid, arrange to have mail forwarded to me, and advise Eidler about the insurance (robbery, fire etc.). Have A. Sherwin get you a roomette or compartment, and take off as soon as you can.

Enclosed you find a cartoon, and a recent picture of some buddies and your loving sweetheart. Stay well, darling. Kiss Jim for me, and I look forward impatiently to kissing you both, real soon. My best to everyone.
As ever,
Keene State College
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