Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, June 10, 1944



Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, June 10, 1944


Letter, 4 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Minneapolis, Minnesota


Stoff, George














Cpl. Geo. Stoff 42050100
Fort Snelling

Mrs. Florence Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn 10,
New York

Saturday 6 – 10 – 44

Florence, dearest:
With my mind filled with thoughts of you and Jim visiting me soon, you can well imagine I’m just about the happiest soldier in the army. Having arrived at this conclusion I can hardly await your arrival. It will be simple enough to find accommodations but what we will do about a crib, highchair and carriage will be a problem for you to help me solve. However now that Jim has grown up to the point where he stands to do it, and can sit on a seat without his own special fitted ass-holder I guess you can travel with him. I think you and he will enjoy the trip especially between Chicago and St. Paul. Be sure to arrange for Pullman between NY and Chgo. (compartment or roomette), and get one of the stream-lined trains between Chgo and St. Paul. This train is a thrill all by itself. And for goodness sakes keep away from the soldiers, sailors and marines! Eating on the train is not too expensive so please don’t hesitate to use the diner.

Bring some checks with you, also the deposit book (Tr Co if No Amer) and about $125 to $150. Since we don’t know how long you will stay I think having some extra dough is advisable. And if you arrange to have the mail forwarded we will be sure to have the additional checks. Mail should be forwarded by inserting in a larger envelope and sending to me. Suggest you obtain some larger envelopes for this purpose, and address them, so as to be sure no errors are made. There are plenty of fine stores to shop in so don’t bring any unnecessary items. Be sure to bring your paints along, and if there is something you’d like to forward by mail rather than carry send it directly to me. Do not use express to send anything, as I will not be able to pick it up. Also bring our alarm clock -

Your Wednesday letter arrived to-day and although you told me nothing about the findings as a result of the operation I am presuming that the operation went well. I hope his progress continues rapidly, and that no complications have set in. I'm glad you’d rather visit me than take one of those lonesome vacations. We will endeavor to get to the many parks surrounding these towns, and I know you and I will be ever so happy just being together.

In addition to your letter I received a letter from Les Schwartz who will endeavor to take care of Anita. One from Julian Weiss who advised that his brother Danny (a pilot) has been missing in action over Germany since May 19th. They were advised by the War Dept last Saturday. That sure is a rough deal. Also a long letter from Kay who writes Sam is on his way back home. I hope you return Billy’s camera before you take off, and thank him for all of us.

I am in excellent health and spirits and hope this finds you and Jim the same. Your description of Jim’s goings-on sound realistic enough for me to visualize all his actions. I’m glad he’s such a cute kid, and clever too. Your garters arrived to-day, and thanks.

Stay well, dearest, don’t get excited and hurry out here. Advise as soon as you know when you are to leave. I will make every effort to meet you, and I don’t expect to have any difficulty about this. Kiss Jim for me, and honey soon I’ll be kissing you both, and in person. My best to everyone, and all my love and devotion to you.
As ever,


Keene State College

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