Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, June 12, 1944


Stoff Family
Mrs. F. Stoff
3021 Ave. I
Brooklyn 10, N.Y.

Cpl. George Stoff 42050100
Ft. Snelling, Minn.

Monday evening
June 12th, 1944
Dearest beloved,
Baby and I are feeling swell and I’m looking forward quite impatiently to the trip out West and your loving arms. Until to-night I’ve had no luck about good accommodations but Mr. Pincus will know definitely to-morrow about a roomette or comp’t for us. It’s quite hard to pick trains so I’ll be quite satisfied with any train that takes me to you – but quickly. I do hope baby behaves all the way and doesn’t make too much of a fuss. How about baby foods or shall I send a package to you containing unbreakable such as cereals (which I have plenty of) some toys, shoes and other odds and ends? Shall I bring our radio in a valise with my clothes and is our electric clock O.K.? I’ll try to locate or borrow a regular alarm. I can get it. This afternoon I bought a bond for baby (your name too) and withdrew $200 for far. I’ll leave about $400 in the checking account and take about $150. Shall I leave my rings and watch home? Is it O.K. to use your wrist watch if I don’t take mine?

The weather is quite warm again and we’re wearing cottons, baby and I, but I do think it advisable to take my complete suit if I make the trip. Would 3 valises full be too much? Have you had any luck with contacting people about us and I do hope we’ll not be too far from camp.

To-day we awoke quite early, had our usual breakfasts, saluted to you and then got the mail. Your Friday and Saturday letters were the good morning news and that made me feel well for the entire day. Later in the morning I walked to Vanderveer Park with Jimmie and soon after Toby joined me with her daughter Marcia. Jim fell asleep and we took sunbaths nearby. That park is just one block square but it’s the newest thing to country that we have in the entire vicinity. Soon after we all walked back for our lunches and the rest of the afternoon was spent near the house because of the shade and slight breeze. Temperature rose to 85 in the afternoon but the humidity was low.

This evening I expect to go the movies to see Danny Kaye – finally. Betty will watch over Jim and I’ll try to make the early show. Billy called today and may be out to-morrow to take the rest of the movies – weather permitting. Spoke to Mom and Pop and they are fine. My family is O.K. and Joel is getting along splendidly so far.

I’m quite happy about the trip and I’ll never forget that I love you so very much. Keep well, my love and we’ll do likewise.

Good-night, until to-morrow and all my love and affection to the best sweetheart of all. A hug and kiss from baby.
As always,
P.S. Your brother Sam is home again and is fine.
Keene State College
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