Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Brooklyn, Monticello, New York, July 16 and 18, 1945



Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Brooklyn, Monticello, New York, July 16 and 18, 1945


Letter, 14 Pages, Envelope


Monticello, New York


Stoff, Florence














Mrs. Florence Stoff
41 Landfield Ave.
Monticello, N.Y.

Cpl. George Stoff 42050100
Co A – 735 RWY OPN BN
APO # 350 c/o Postmaster
New-York, N.Y.

Monday eve –
July 16th 1945

Dearest Beloved,
Earlier this evening the sky was lovely to behold with all the heavenly blues and pinks interwoven to make a gorgeous sunset. All is serene now, birds aren’t singing, night has fallen and our precious one is fast asleep in his crib. As always, our day was full and it’s a day closer to being with you. That day will sure be our happiest on earth I believe.

This morning it was quite cool and we all awoke early after getting a good night’s rest. I finished the book I was reading last night and enjoyed it very much. Jim and I had breakfast together and later Eleanor joined us to have her coffee and tell me about her date. She’s seeing this chap on Wednesday night in the city. All morning we did odd jobs and Jim played on the little porch outside the kitchen. To-wards noon the postman arrived with more first day covers and a large envelope from you dated July 5th. It contained some postcards, pictures of Lippstadt, snapshots of Bob and his crew and some lists of names from the 735th that you want to preserve. No other mail from you and my last one was dated June 30th.

To-morrow may bring those letters I am anxious to receive from my darling. I re-read some of your letters to-day and in one you inquire about those stamps you requested me to buy some time ago, the United Nations Conference Stamp. In one of my letters I’m sure I mentioned that I bought a sheet of 50 stamps while in Brooklyn. Almost forgot to mention that I also received a letter from Bob to-day. By mistake he mailed this letter to Pop and he re-addressed it to me. Bob is fine, expects to be in Holyoke until August and had some swell letters from you. He’s almost sure you’ll be home soon and tells me not to worry. So don’t worry, Florence and George, this bad dream will soon be over. – I hope.

We had plenty of left-overs from the week-end’s festivities and had a good dinner of chicken, string beans, salad, fresh fruit cocktail, milk and cake. Jim ate well and mostly by himself, had a nap and looks like he’s gaining in height and breadth. Eleanor set my hair while Jim slept and soon got ready to make the 4 o’clock bus. Jim and I walked her to the bus station said good-bye and expect to see her again in a few days. We then went to the library, took out some late magazines and a book named “the Razors Edge by Somerset Maugham. No papers yet so I can’t send you those columns, stock sheets and other things of interest.

About those books you mentioned, I haven’t forgotten about them and have the list with me. I’ll get them in the city.

I still love you, sweetheart and think of you most of the time. Jim and I miss you and hope that the age limit will be lowered soon. Meanwhile, chins up and stay well. Jim and I will take good care of one another, get nicely browned and we’ll keep smiling especially when we talk and dream of you, and that’s every other minute.

Nothing on the radio that’s too exciting except that the President is in Berlin now and maybe there’ll be an invasion very soon in Japan. I’m now eating a candy bar, namely “Seven Up” and can’t help thinking of you and the first time I ate it with you last summer in St. Paul. It was one swell summer for Jim and me and you.

Good-night, dearest. All my love and devotion to you, hugs and kisses from Jimmie and best regards from all at home.
P.S. Gosh, I forgot to mention that Jim had another hair cut and here’s his latest shorn curl. Notice it’s darker. Mom just came in from N.Y.

Tuesday eve
June 18th
George, my love,
Although it’s Tuesday, to me it’s more like Blue Monday. It’s been rainy and foggy all day long and I feel a bit limp after this past week-end. Blame it really on the cool, wet weather. Anyhow, dearest, Jimmie and I are really fine and if we see the sun to-morrow and get some latest mail from you all will be wonderful again – perfect if you were here.

My Mom arrived last night at 10:33 p.m. and her building is already in the midst of being repaired. Most of her affairs are settled and she may have to make one more trip into New York. In the morning Jim dashed into her room said his cheery good-morning and was glad to see Grandma Rose. His new haircut makes his face appear fuller and he sure looks good. We all ate a good breakfast, did the small household chores and exchanged the latest gossip. One of my cousins, Eddie from Central Bridge, was afraid he was going to be drafted this past May or June so he enlisted. At the time he was working at an essential job for G.E. upstate and may have gotten a deferment. P.S. – He’s now in the navy and is probably on the high seas bound for the China coast. And could have been deferred because he’s over 26 yrs. of age – the big dope – Sidney, his brother is still here and will be shipped any day.

Your June 18th air mail letter came to-day with 4 snapshots enclosed. It was good to read all the news and know your well but last week I received letters from the end of June and really I expected some July letters today. Mail situation is n.g. and as yet I haven’t received my allotment, your allotment to me or the bond sent every month. The post office sent a card saying they’re forwarding all my 1st class mail so I’ll have to write to Newark if I don’t get those checks in a few days. It’ll come through I’m sure but I hate the mix-up. Also had a letter (printed form) from Joe Goldhammer announcing the annual affair to be held at the Astor, Thanksgiving eve @ $500 per person. A journal too is being put out and if you want a small ad the most nominal fee is $5.00. Would love to go to the affair with my one and only sweetheart and who can tell. By that time you may be with us and we can get last minute reservations, I’m sure.

Mom brought me a Times and I sure enjoyed reading most of it to-day. Here’s part of it off the front page. Am still writing letters and to-nights go to the Times and P.M. Why don’t they listen to us.

Jimmie and I had loads of fun indoors after lunch and we rested in the hammock. I read him one of Kipling’s Stories and he’s quite attentive and is anxious for the end of the story. He’s talking very lovely, mostly correct English and still has difficulty with his s, l and th. Time and Daddy will take care of those. Mom went to see Bess in the afternoon and came in about supper time. I have a pass for the movies and will go to-morrow or Wednesday evening.

That’s all for now, dearest except that I love you more and more, wish you were in my arms now – and if my prayers are answered you will be very soon. Good night, darling, and all my love, devotion and affection to you. Love and kisses from Jim, best regards from Bess & Mom.
Always yours,


Keene State College

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