Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Hamm, Germany, June 15, 1945



Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Hamm, Germany, June 15, 1945


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Stoff Family


Hamm, Germany


Stoff, George
Halstead, Tyler (Transcriber)














15 June 1945

Florence, darling:
Another wonderful day in the ETO. Good weather, a letter from you in addition to two others, and decidedly good chow. When once you resign yourself to awaiting the inevitable it doesn't take much to keep you satisfied. However to day was unusual due to our noon and evening meals. about the best meal the Army had to offer these days is fried chicken. Well somehow the quartermaster depot at which we draw rations had an abundance of chicken. So we had chicken - but bean coup chicken. At lunch time I had a regular portion of 1/2 fried chicken, and then went back for seconds, another head quarter. At supper time, lo and behold, more fried chicken - so I had another 1/2 chicken. I now begin to understand the course for the shortage back home. Funny world and set-up isn't it?

Your letter dated June 6th was elegant reading, and in addition to receiving this letter to day, your package containing the red and green woolen dress also arrived in good condition. I'll try to forward the contents to Frank but at present there is no package delivery to Belgium. No doubt this will change in due time and I'll forward it at the most opportune moment. Thanks so much for the candy, films and puddings. Could you please advise how many more packages you have enroute to me. I am impatiently awaiting advice from you on the bundles I sent you since the carved mirror went out. Also did the mirror package contain anything else. I'm interested to learn whether or not my packages are inspected and opened by the Customs inspector. As the other bundles arrive advise contents so I can check with my lists. Rumor has it that packages are being rifled before folks at home get them. Also sent that perfume via 1st class mail and it should be there by now. 2oz of chinchilla Royal is too important to lose.

In your June 7th letter you advised that the $68.75 check arrived in payment of the car's paint job. I'm not quite clear as to whether this covered the total cost of the job, or did you buy a dress for the difference. Did you have the radio repaired too? The car should look pretty good after this job, and I suspect you bought new plaid seat covers to complete the job. In any event it sounds like Max gave you a good deal, so I'm glad we gave him the balance of our insurance business.

Your complete description of the moving pictures taken sounds as though you got a little of everyone except my Pop and Bob. Is this correct? I sure am going to enjoy running that 100 feet off one of these days. Try to do the same thing in the fall, so doing will give me an opportunity to follow Jim's development, as well as see how the folks back home looked during my absence. Hope you and Jim cover plenty of footage.

Jim seems to have a pretty good social approach already, and I'm certainly proud to read that he gets along so well with men, dogs and beasts. I know very well whom he inherited that fine trait, and I'm sure glad he's such a good kid. Just hope I don't spoil him when I get home. He must be improving dearly in his speech and vocabulary. I guess he and I will have you wacky when I teach him a few French, Flemish and German words and phrases. It sure will be fun when we three get together, and from that time henceforth our home will be a source of all fun and humor. After our being thru all this, I have no doubt we have cornered the field in sources of worry – and they all add up to naught. So, let's adopt Omar Khayyam philosophy and "eat, drink and be merry, for to-morrow we die". I intend to do this with some reservation, but dearest, keep smiling because that the "Order of the Day" for all the days we spend together in the future.

In accordance with your suggestion I am sending home various items of interest which I want retained by my scrap-book. To day I sent you several free-mail envelopes containing such stuff, and do hope you get them in due time. I have quite a bit of personal stuff and will continue to forward them as time passes.
I'm mighty pleased that the pictures you and the folks are receiving from me these days are giving you a few joyous moments. Every one I took or obtained was either for your pleasure, or for history. Of course I do not have a complete picture story of my trip across Europe, having missed England, but I think there's enough to give anyone a pretty good idea of what war means. I patiently await your reaction to my posed photograph. Enclosed are several more shots, and I trust this letter does not require any additional postage fee.

[Jules] letter arrived to day, in addition to one from the folks. He advised that there is a package en route to me containing Vitamin Pills. Everything seems to be under control at his homestead, and in my reply I'll enclose a snapshot of me acting like a soldier with [stick] helmet. As soon as I hear from Don I intend sending him a post-card size picture of me squatting. A week or so ago you advised the lodge sent you a bundle for me. Is it time for me to acknowledge same? It was thoughtful of Billy to phone you as usual, when I write him again soon I'll enclose a snap for him.

I'm not walking about the streets any later then 9 P.M. and only on the main thoroughfares, so don't worry about any "incidents" happening to me. No-fraternization with these German swine is a natural to me. So continue to believe that I love you and only you. Cheating on you would be like cutting my own throat, and believe you me I have no such intentions. It is not often a fellow gets a true blue sweetheart like you and I have every intention of trying to live up to the standard I know we both share. Loving one, dreaming about you, planning our post war lives for us and ours, are my sustaining factors, and nothing or nobody is going to divert me from my intentions and purposes. You and I must continue to have strength of character to pass on to our precious boy. Separation is difficult, but the worst is behind us. This is our year. Continue to be patient, have fun, and above all don't worry.

Stay well, lovely, kiss Jim for me, and give my best to everyone. I go to sleep now with every hope that I dream of you and me together again.
As ever,


Keene State College

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