Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, March 26, 1945


Keene State College
Stoff Family
Mrs. Florence Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn 10, N.Y.

Cpt. George Stoff 42050100
Co A – 735 RWY OPN BN
APO # 228 % Postmaster
New York – N.Y.

Monday aft-
March 16th

Dearest beloved,
If I’ve neglected to thank you for all those sweet thoughts and sentiments you’ve wished for my birthday, forgive me, and thanks for everything. My darling. Jim, too, has a half birthday to-day and we’ve been wishing each other all kinds of pleasant things. You’re about the only important gift we’d like to have so hurry home soon and we’ll celebrate all the important occasions of the past 16 months. It’s sunny and bright out so my spirit is high and don’t forget I’m in love with you.

This morning I received your V. mail of March 6th and also a short letter from Bob, who’s well and quite busy flying. No other mail or packages but I did send out a parcel for you which contains candies and an unfinished shirt for Henricka. It’s light green cloth, all wool and she can adjust it to her length or add more material which I enclosed. After mailing your package, Jim and I went downtown to Livingston Street to obtain the tax coupon from the Int. Revenue Dept. It amounted to $1.67 and expires on June 30th. If all goes as planned, I expect to leave for Monticello to-morrow morning and am taking my Aunt Mildred along. Jim will give her a good workout and she’ll probably forget about her non-existing troubles.

Although I promised to write a letter yesterday I just couldn’t manage with my Aunt talking a blue streak. Mom and Pop were here yesterday and spent most of the afternoon and evening with us. In a V.mail last night I wrote that all is well and we have hopes of seeing you soon. The folks look well and always get plenty of joy just watching Jimmie. I gave Pop three hankies which I had-rolled recently and I expect to get something for Mom before we leave. They admired the wood-carvings you sent home and also Jim’s wooden shoes.

This afternoon I expect to take the car out for a short spin and will have it looked over by one of Tim’s men. Allan claims it’s O.K. but I’ll make sure. I’ve just called Eidler and took out insurance so we’re covered from to-day on. Don’t worry, dearest, I’ll be careful. Will write every day while away so expect more V. mails for a change.

War news is getting better and better and predications from so many columnists, commentators and newspaper men say it may end within 30 days. Here’s hoping it’s sooner.

As always, I love you with all my heart and know we’ll be together soon. Jim and I send you oceans of hugs and kisses and Happy Easter to our dearest Daddy.
Item sets
Stoff 1945