Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Monticello, New York, June 13, 1945



Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Monticello, New York, June 13, 1945


Letter, 4 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Monticello, New York


Stoff, Florence
Lancaster, Bret (Transcriber)














c/o Baxt
41 Landfield Ave
Monticello – NY.
Wednesday morn,
June 13, 1945

George, sweetheart,
It’s quite warm and Jim and I awoke quite early this morning. The time is now 7 a.m. and by the time I finish this letter I expect to be in Monticello.
For the past two nights I dreamed of my one and only love. One dream was quite naughty but oh so nice and last night I dreamed you came in on a 10 day furlough. I tried so hard to convince you to join me on our country trip and you were so set on staying home in the apartment. Even in my dream you won which goes to prove how much I love you.

Our beds are quite wonderful to sleep in now and I never realized until now what restful sleep means to a body.

Well, darling, I’m now writing from Monticello and all is well with your little family. After breakfast, Eleanor came to help me with Jim and the last minute work. Otto, the fire-man helped with the luggage and also put it all snugly in the car and trunk. We finally started at 11:30, picked my mom up and drove to the city. We stopped in to see mom and pop and they’re both well. I bought a nice jersey knit sport shirt for pop and also gave him the lighter and the insignia. He was delighted and he and mom promised to come up to see us in Monticello. Pop showed me your June 5th letter and it’s another one of your masterpieces and he’s so proud of you, darling.

The trip up here was not too tiresome. I drove carefully and the weather was warm. We had rain for a spell but the sun is shining now. Ben and Jan were waiting for us at the house. The house is situated on a corner in a lovely residential neighborhood and I’m reminded so much of St. Paul. It’s only 3 blocks from town, movies, library and I think I’ll like it here. There’s plenty of room, a garage and so much ground for Jim to roam about in.

We unpacked all our clothes, emptied the car and went to town for supper. Jim had his supper and went to bed early. He behaved like a veteran traveler and is all excited about the country- like his mommy.

Received your V. mail letter of June 5th and am happy to know you’re well. I’ll get to work on more letters this week and see that Eleanor and mom write some too.

There are two lovely apple trees in the back yard and that means we’ll have room for a hammock. So you’ll get that snap of us real soon, Daddy.

Jimmie is quite observant of everything and tomorrow he’ll have fun exploring the grounds, garage and porches. Many of his playthings are here and there’s also a sandbox for him in back of the house.

Goodnight, darling, pleasant dreams and I’ll be writing again tomorrow. This is being written on a book.

All my love and devotion to you; best wishes from mom and Eleanor and hugs and kisses from precious Jim.
Lovingly, Florence


Keene State College

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