Aspect Magazine vol. 8, issues 44-45, October-November 1972



Aspect Magazine vol. 8, issues 44-45, October-November 1972


This issue is staple bound with a red front and back cover. The front cover is divided into four panels. Under the title in the top panel, on the left, is the issue number, year of publication, and price. In the right panel is an abstract, single-tone illustration by Harland Ristau. A lower panel advertises pieces by Peter Fenton and Edward Hogan, along with "Poetry, Reviews". There is an error on the table of contents. It says that Ed Hogan's essay "A Look Into the Past and at the Future at the End of a Long Campaign" begins on page sixteen. The essay begins is on page eighteen. The issue begins with Peter Fenton's short story "the bird and Mr. Onion." The title and author's name are centered on the page, with the text of the story forming a box around it. The piece ends on page nine with a single tone, uncredited illustration of a dead tree, or snag, in a rainstorm. On page sixteen there are two quotations by one of the founders of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Tom Hayden, from an interview with him published by Rolling Stone in October of 1972. The first quote expresses dissatisfaction with the 1964 Democratic National Convention. The second quote explains the merger of the New Left with the anti-war movement. On page seventeen, the header "four more years" appears in large, bold font. There are five quotations on this page, the first two from Robert F. Kennedy. The first quotation is critical of Richard Nixon; and the second praises Senator George McGovern, who ran against Nixon in the 1972 presidential election. Neither quote is attributed to an interview or dated. The final three quotations, by Hunter S. Thompson, are also taken from the October 1972 issue of Rolling Stone. Thompson is critical of Nixon and supportive of McGovern questioning Nixon's flaws and wondering how low one must go to become president. The quotations are a preface for Ed Hogan's essay that begins on page eighteen. "A Look Into the Past and at the Future at the End of a Long Campaign" is a response to the defeat of McGovern by Nixon in the 1972 presidential election and is divided into three parts. The first part, "Why?", recounts the events leading up to McGovern's loss. Part two, "Where do we go from here?" hopes to keep the reform movement alive. The third and final section, "The Chimera of Peace," focuses on peace and the dwindling hope for it. Hogan includes three McGovern statements made at the end of his campaign where he criticizes Nixon and his administration for "playing politics" with federal departments, the Supreme Court, and the lives of soldiers. Between the end of Peter Fenton's short story and the quotations on page sixteen there are seven poems: two untitled poems by Richard Latta, "L'Auxiliare Des Dames," by Walter Griffin, "New Nude" by Emilie Glen, and "Summer" and "No Poet" by Lori Petri. Five poems appear in the pages between Hogan's essay and his book review. "19th Floor by Paulette Carroll, "The Loser, #3" by Anthony P. Nasta, "A Plowboy Dreams" by Done E. Owens, "Poor Man's Prayer" by Frederic Matteson and "Law" By John Hahn. A review by Ed Hogan of "Winning Hearts and Minds: War Poems by Vietnam Veterans," that begins on page twenty-five, begins with a poem by Larry Rottman. The review illustrates the general attitude towards the war and the response veterans receive when they return. The review is followed with a second poem, "S. O. P." by Rottman. Pages twenty-five through twenty-eight contain six poems: "A Bummer" and Hoa Binh" by Michael Casey, "Hunting" by W.D. Earhart, and "The Walk" by Charles M. Purcell. Pages twenty-nine and thirty list small press and book publications received by Aspect. There are brief notes on each entry by Edward J. Hogan: four books published by Green Night Press (Amherst, Massachusetts,) The Little Free Press (Minneapolis, Minnesota), five books by Monday Morning Press (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), A book of poems, This Place, by Ronald Critter, Sanity Now (La Puente, California), Second Coming (San Francisco), and the Something Else Newsletter (West Glover, Vermont). A short excerpt about the merits of literature begins at the bottom of page thirty and continues onto page thirty-one along with an illustration by Noelle Salter. A final two stanza poem, "a gypsy and a recluse," by Richard Carboni appears on page thirty-one. The back cover has an illustration of a woman in sunglasses holding a flower in her left hand on centered on the page. Above and below the illustration is a brief biographical note on each contributor to the issue.


Hogan, Edward J.
Link, Ellen
Carboni, Richard
Carroll, Paulette
Glen, Emilie
Griffin, Walter
Hahn, John
Latta, Richard
Matteson, Frederic
Petri, Anthony Lori
Owens, Don E.
Ristau, Hartland
Salter, Noelle
Shares, Nick










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United States History




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