Aspect Magazine vol. VIII, August-September 1972



Aspect Magazine vol. VIII, August-September 1972


This cover of the thirty-two page August-September 1972 issue of Aspect magazine is a photograph by Caroline McAllister of a rock band on a stage from behind looking out over an audience. The cover includes the price of the issue that is 50 cents. The issue was co-edited by Seamus Finn, Geoffrey Clark, Edward J. Hogan, and Paulette Carroll.The issue includes four essays: "The Rich are Different From you and Me Alright," by Seamus Finn, "Hair of the Dog," by Geoffrey Clark, "John F. Kennedy: An End and a Beginning," by Edward J. Hogan, and "Against the New Morality," by Paulette Carroll. The essay by Seamus Finn is followed by two poems, Eric Cashen's "World Affairs," "Sightseeing" by Wilson Stapleton, "Three Children on a Dark Road," by Nancy Shattuck, "The Fall Hunter," by Bill Meisner, and an untitled poem by Richard Latta.The nonfiction essay "John F. Kennedy: An End and a Beginning," by Edward J. Hogan, is then followed by Brian A. Connolly's poem "The Barn Board." The final essay, "Against the New Morality," is by Senator Jean Alice Smith of Arkansas. The essay is reprinted from the October 1971 issue of Gentlemen At Home. The editor added a note explaining that he is the senator of Arkansas and is known as "common sense" philosopher.The short fiction "Hair of Dog" by Geoffrey Clark is followed by "The Overcoat," by Emilie Glen, "Grasshopper," by Molly Beck, an untitled two-page poem by Sandy M. Beck printed in a landscape orientation, and Sally S. Anderson's poem "The Builders." The issue concludes with an editorial note that Aspect welcomes photographs, poems, drama, cartoons & illustrations from anyone who thinks their work is worthy. "If you have done it and you like it, send it to Aspect" is written on the magazine's last page. "An exchange of views is encouraged" as the magazine says.The co-editor and publisher, Ed Hogan, includes a note for the readers explaining that the next issue will be postponed because he will be out of state working as a coordinator for the MoGovern campaign for the elections. He promises the readers that when he comes back, there will be two combined issues of the magazine, October and November and after that they will get back to their monthly schedule.He mentions that the next issue will be filled with some nice work that readers will enjoy. He finishes his note with "Peace to you."


Finn, Seamus
Clark, Geoffrey
Hogan, Edward J.
Carroll, Paulette
Cashed, Eric
Stapleton, Wilson
Shattuck, Nancy
Meissner, Bill
Latta, Richard
Glen, Emilie
Beck, Molly
Sandok, Sandy M.
Anderson, Sally S.
Connolly, Brian A.
McAllister, Caroline
Awwad, Omar










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