Aspect Magazine vol. 11, issue 62, May-June 1975



Aspect Magazine vol. 11, issue 62, May-June 1975


This fifty-two page issue is titled Aspect: Poetry, Fiction, Politics. The lime-green cover has a line drawing by Jean Segaloff of a two cylindrical shaped buildings with windmills on a stone wall. The issue is edited by Edward J. Hogan, Jeff Schwartz, and Ellen Schwartz. The inside cover contains a table of contents with Five headers: Essays, Fiction, Poetry, Art Work, and Newes & Reviews followed by the authors and page numbers associated under each header. The issue contains art work from Jean Segaloff, Marjorie Masel, Roger Camp, and one image that is included as part of Andrew Darlington's poem, published with permission from the Manchester Central Library, a photograph taken by an anonymous freelance photographer in Manchester, England.This issue includes two nonfiction essays. The first , "Corliss, Master of Power," by Frank J. Jones, offers a point of view into mechanical engineer, George H. Corliss' power and public influence due to his invention, the steam engine in the mid-1800s. A longer second essay, "Winning in the Sierras," by Robie Darche, discusses the position of women in casinos as changegirls and cocktail waitresses, with discussion of keymen as well. Another version of this essay was published in the March/April 1975 issue of the Canadian woman's magazine, Branching Out. Each essay is preceded with a full-page illustration.Two brief works of<strong> </strong>fiction are included : "Paradise,, by Gudanowska and "Karla in the Dark," by Bettina Barrett. There is also a book review by Edward J. Hogan of George Shaw Wheeler's "Bureaucracy, Reform, and Intervention in Czechoslovakia" focuses on events during 1968, including the goals of Czechoslovakian reformers and economicsThis issue contains poetry from M. T. Buckley, Christine Smith, Jeffrey Katz, Barbara A. Holland, Sterling Kelly Webb, Andrew Darlington, Doris Wight, Joan Colby, Dennis Nicholas Hoppin, Karen Solstad, and Rick Smith. Doris Wight's, "New Bottles: A Genuinely and Completely Modern Poem" and "Karen E. Solstad's "Self-Portrait" appear in landscape format.A description and method of treating "Sore Nipples" from Dr. Willich's Domestic Encyclopedia is found, and credit is given on page fifty-one. Also on page fifty-one is credit for the drawings in the review section, which came from the New Masses. As well as a place to order Edcentric Magazine, a place to get news and commentary from the educational reform movement. Another advertisement for a monthly newsletter about the U.S. Military named Recon, is included on the back page.In News titles such as "Granite Suit", "Montreal Writers" Cooperative: Imaginative Space", "100 Flowers Closes', "Aspect Benefit," are included prior to a letter-to-the-editor. Ellen Schwartz reviewed Final Analysis by Lois Gould and Jane by Dee Wells.The bottom of page forty-four has one of the last sections. "Poems & Insults!" discussed Charles Bukowski and the impact he has. He reads his poems and stories for audiences at various locations. One of his pieces is called Burning in Water Drowning in Flame. This is followed by Public Testimony by Elizabeth Fenton, and Of Earth by Douglas Worth, which have brief descriptions as well as the price of the book.This concludes with a section for magazines. Bachy by John Harris, Bob Mehlman, Patricia Washington, and others; Branching Out by New Women's Magazine Society; Women/Poems III by Women Poems Press are available with price and descriptions as well.The back page of the magazine is titled, "The People Inside". It includes notes on Michael Buckley, Christine Smith, Frank Jones, Jeff Katz, Barbara Holland, Marjorie Masel, Robie Darche's, Doris Wight, Roger Camp, Bettina Barrett, and Rick Smith. It states that "Aspect is a member of the New England Small Press Association (NESPA) and the Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines (CCLM)" and that the magazine is printed by Design Workshop, Inc.


Hogan, Edward J.
Schwartz, Jeff
Schwartz, Ellen
Buckley, M. T.
Smith, Christine
Katz, Jeffrey
Holland, Barbara A.
Webb, Sterling Kelly
Darlington, Andrew
Wight, Doris
Colby, Joan
Hoppin, Dennis Nicholas
Solstad, Karen
Smith, Rick
Masel, Marjorie
Camp, Roger
Jones, Frank J.
Darche, Robie
Barrett, Bettina
Segaloff, Jean
Robert, Savannah









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