Aspect Magazine vol. 8, issues 46-47, December - January, 1972-1973



Aspect Magazine vol. 8, issues 46-47, December - January, 1972-1973


On the green front cover of this issue of Aspect Magazine is a drawing in black ink by Lynd Ward of an African American man and a white man holding an American flag with the words "Revolt in the South" in bold black lettering underneath. The cover drawing is reprinted with permission of The New Republic magazine. Above the drawing in black ink are the title and date and the words "Fiction," "Politics," and "Poetry," and the price, "50 Cents." There are twenty-eight total pages in the issue.Following the Table of Contents is an essay titled "The Gander-Mooner" by M.K Kistner. Pages six through nine are a sequence of poems: "Intra-uterine Cannibalism" by Sally S. Anderson, "Saturday Night" by Paul Dominguez, an untitled poem by Robert E. Schalit, and "Four A.M." by Ed Porter. On pages eleven through fourteen is a book review by Edward J. Hogan of Politics and Policies of the Truman Administration, edited by Barton J. Bernstein. On page fifteen, a second sequence of poems begins: "Indecision" by John Hahn, "Simple Question" by Fritz Hamilton, "To a Friend Depressed," by Geraldine Sanford, and an untitled poem by Richard Latta.On pages twenty through twenty-two is the essay "First Light" by Lawrence Black. On the bottom of page twenty-two is the poem, "Pin Ball Baby" by Henry Combellick, on page twenty-three the poem "Honest Politicians (Our Leaders)" by Rubin Zar, and on page twenty-four is the poem "Bloated Birds Can't Fly" by Anthony P. Nasta. Each of these poems is one page in length. On page twenty-five are notes on small presses written by Edward J. Hogan. There are notes on Leaves of Twin Oaks: Journal of a Walden Two Commune, the bi-weekly alternative newspaper; Nola Express, edited by Darlene Fife and Robert Head: Blats, a literary magazine focused on "non-poems" and edited by Peter Finch; and an edition of Intrepid, edited by Allen deLoach, "devoted to the 1970 conference of the foremost small press organization in the U.S, the Committee of Small Magazine Editors & Publishers," including essays about small presses and their place in American society and culture. Page twenty-eight, the back cover of the issue, provides a description of the contributors to this issue of Aspect. There are also two advertisements for the Journal of a Walden Two and Commune Edcentric, a magazine that features news and comments from the educational reform movement.


Hogan, Edward J.
Link, Ellen
Kistner, M. K.
Black, Lawrence
Anderson, Sally S.
Dominguez, Paul
Schalit, Robert
Porter, Ed
Hahn, John
Hamilton, Fritz
Sanford, Geraldine
Latta, Richard
Comebellick, Henry
Zar, Rubin
Nasta, Anthony P.
Ward, Lynd
McTernan, Kerrin









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