Aspect Magazine vol. 10, issue 52, September-October 1973



Aspect Magazine vol. 10, issue 52, September-October 1973


The front cover of the September-October 1973 issue of Aspect magazine has a green background with a drawing of a well-dressed man and woman, drawn in stencil, surrounded by a border. The artwork is modern and contemporary. The table of contents includes a list of authors of short stories, poems, and artwork. A summary of Aspect magazine and its purpose is at the bottom, and continues onto the back cover with the credo; "If you have done it, and you like it, send it to ASPECT." Aspect welcomes articles, short stories, poetry, review, drama, cartoon, humor, photographs, and letters.The next set of pages is a sequence of short poems "Paradise" by Eric Felderman, an untitled, three-line poem by Arthur Winfield Knight, "From My 7th Floor Window Of The Mental Ward" and "The Carefree" by Fritz Hamilton, "Disturbed Professor Takes Pound Not Pills" by James Klein, and a poem in landscape format called "Uncle's Retirement" by Jane Creighton.The next section is a short story titled "The Machine Shop" by Ottone Riccio with illustrations (one of a woman angel playing a hand saw in place of a violin) and more short poems such as "the present" and "momma: but grace with grace" by R.D. Swets and another short story about Watergate and Vietnam. After the second short story there is another contemporary stencil drawing depicting three human figures and cat.Proceeding this is a final collection of abstract poems. The magazine ends with a commentary by the editor Edward J. Hogan on the contributors to the issue, a poem by Charles Bukowski, and notes about the publishing committee and "The People Inside"describing the authors


Hogan, Edward J.
Schwartz, Ellen
Braatelein, Gail
Felderman, Eric
Knight, Arthur
Hamilton, Fritz
Klein, James
Creighton, Jane
Sweets, R.D.
Bacon, Carla
Fallis, L.S.
Neeld, Judy
Robert Pinsley (Poet)
Glen, Emilie (Poet)
Chopin, Linda Ann
Unger, Barbara
Canfield, Brett K.
Talen, William
Fried, Elliot
Curtis, Howard
Porter, Ed
Hayward, Ingeborg
Segaloff, Jean
Duhamel, Miles









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