Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, February 26-27, 1945, Letter 2



Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, February 26-27, 1945, Letter 2


Letter, 10 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Brooklyn, New York


Stoff, Florence














Tuesday eve –
Feb 26th

George darling,
The weather man was wrong yesterday. It did clear up to-day and the sun shone ever so brightly. Jim and I went outdoors, took a short walk and brought some ice cream for Lawrence, who’s coming along fine. We’re both very well and hope you’re as healthy as those pictures depict. You look very well, seem to be in good spirits and those snaps are really elegant. It’s nice to see you and a bit of Paris at the same time. I must say you’re having better luck with your camera than I’m having with ours at home. At present it’s being repaired, after Jim threw it out of the stroller. He’s too fast for me and does all kinds of devilish things.

Did I make mention of the chocolate cake that he sat on? I bought ½ a layer at Ebinger’s and on the way home he became restless and didn’t really mean to sit on it. Anyway, the cake tasted just as good with a spoon but it wasn’t fit to be looked at. Just part of a day’s routine.

This morning I found two of your air mail letters dated January 28th and Feb 20th – this latest letter really brings you quite close to me – only 7 days since you wrote it and I’ll answer some of the questions you ask. The wooden shoes haven’t arrived as yet and when they do I’ll acknowledge them. I did receive 2 wooden boxes with pottery and wrote to you about them in yesterday’s letter. Charlie is a steady visitor and I guess he does feel better when he talks his heart out. Ilene still asks about her mother and seems to be dissatisfied with the different answers. Jim and I saw her Sunday morning and I helped shorten her skirt a bit. Charlie is doing his best with her and the house and in time he’ll probably marry again.

I’m glad the packages are arriving and you’ll find the latest ones have things that you’ve requested. More are being mailed this week and I do the packing for the other members of the family – both sides ( as well as the selecting of the items). The AVP is my local hangout and one of these days I’ll probably be offered a job there for I know the stock better than their clerks, the jerks.

Jim is having his daily nap again, rises early and the day is better arranged for both of us. His skin is fine and when it itches him he asks “Mommy to scratch.” It’s difficult to relate all the things he says daily but he’s growing up, have no fear. He loves the outdoors and really feels so free when I turn him loose after we get out of the apartment. I’ll do all I can to get away early in the summer or late spring. If the weather permits, I may take the car off the blocks and start using it again, April perhaps.

The folks are well and are quite optimistic about the war in Europe. They had a nice time at the affair Saturday night and Harry and Sophie were also with them. My family is well and I believe Thelma and Maurice went to the country to visit Bess. Eleanor is fine and was offered $75.00 per week as a buyer out of town. She’s holding out for $100.00 and she wouldn’t have too much left after expenses and taxes are deducted. By the way, I’m sending back a blank Income Tax Form that was mailed to you last week. Also wrote a letter to the Whitmans and told them I’ll be glad to visit them when you return home and we’ll make it another honeymoon. Charlie received your letter and will endeavor to answer it soon. His best to you. Your swell letters these days are making me quite happy and I do hope you’re not moved into Germany soon. Those mine accidents make me nervous and those Nazis have them all over the place.

I’ve sent you $6.00 since Feb 19th and hope you get it all. Will send more in tomorrow’s letter. Please don’t pay high prices for perfume but do enjoy yourself. Live for today and see what you can in Europe.

At present I’m reading “Valley of Decision” and so far it’s excellent. To-night I’m sewing again and expect Betty down for a short visit. Jim’s asleep now, after his usual full day and my evenings are well spent. You’re in my thoughts all day long and I sure love you, darling, with all my heart. Please be careful and come home safe and sound and soon.

Jim and I still miss you so much and love you and adore you more and more. Good-night, sweetheart, until to-morrow. Love from the folks, best wishes from all the family and hugs and kisses from Jimmie.

Wednesday eve –
Feb 27th

Dearest George,
All is well at home and we’re doing fine these days. My spirits are high and the war news continues to be good. The last big drive is on and it must end very soon and in my opinion the Big Three have the date for the finale all fixed. We’ll both keep those fingers crossed for an early reunion.

No mail from you to-day but I did get a bill for my insurance policy. I’ll take care of that when it’s due and all our bills are paid up to-date. I called Herb Perkin about those stamps as the market is cleared out on almost every kind of stamp. His family is well and both Herb and Mildred send their best to you. Herb was in Lakewood for a rest recently and will probably write you a letter soon. Also spoke to the folks and they’re well. Bob called them to-day and will not be able to come in this week-end. At present he’s having that front tooth fixed again and expects a good job this time. My mom spent a short time here this afternoon and is fine, Eleanor is O.K. and will be here to-morrow afternoon.

Jim and I are fine and spent a normal day at home. In the morning we went out at 11 a.m., did some marketing and then had our dinner. Jim napped and I read until my mother came to visit. Later in the afternoon I went up to watch Lawrence while Betty did her shopping and both Jim and Lawrence behaved very nicely while I read to them. Lawrence is fine and just loves our Jim. We had an early supper, listened to the news again and Jim was asleep in his crib by 7:45 p.m. Charlie came in to borrow our step ladder and will mail this letter for me later in the evening. It’s raining again now and snowed a bit late this afternoon. Winter is still with us and this Spring will be most welcome when it does arrive.

You’ll like the black and white checker jigger coat I’m finishing off to-night and I’m getting a black skirt to go with it. These evenings are well spent and to-morrow night is my night off again. The weeks are flying and I have every hope that we’ll be together for good in the near future.

Enclosed is $2.00 and I hope you’re receiving the steady flow. Hope there’s news from you to-morrow but then there’s always to-morrow.

I love you so much, Jim and I miss you all the time and you’re in my thoughts always. Take good care of yourself and please don’t worry about the home front. All my love and devotion to you, as always, and hugs and kisses from precious Jim. Love from the folks.
Yours always,


Keene State College

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