Letter, Bob Stoff to George, Florence, and Jim Stoff - January 3, [1943]


Stoff Family
S/Sgt. R. Stoff 32347017
399 Inf. Co. I A.P.O. 100
Ft. Jackson, S.C.

Mr. George Stoff
Room 1412
29 Broadway
New York City

Dear George, Flo, & Jim ! –

Not much to write about. Everything is just about the same; only more so

My health physically is excellent. Mentally. – I just can’t help myself – I’m starting to get impatient about my furlough. It looks absolutely definite this time. Furloughs have already commenced, and mine is on the way.

Depending on whether I’m third of fourth on the list, I’m either 16 or 26 days away from my 10 day furlough.

I hope you are in possession of the $45 I wired home. There just isn’t another way to send money home; unless one goes through a multitude of trouble; which I decided to avoid.

Now, to get down to business. If I go home in 16 days, I shall need some more money. It may be necessary for me to phone at an unearthly hour, because of the time limit, requesting a telegraphic money order. However, I think I’ll try borrowing the money first. Should I go in 20 days or thereabouts, I will have been paid my next month’s salary.

Mom and Pop’s package arrived today, and it really contained the business. Fran, it seems, may lose her job shortly; but otherwise everything is fine and dandy with her. –

I have taken some more unusual photos; which will reach you in 10 days or so. Gg, when I’m home on furlough, I want to try exchanging my camera for one of a different type. Perhaps in the meantime you know or can dig up a place where such a change can be brought about. This camera works swell; but it’s too limiting. To take a good picture, one is limited to stay no further away than 3 or 4 feet from the subject. It just limits the possibilities of some good ideas; which could be gotten with a camera of a slightly higher caliber.

I’ve sent this last roll of films to the outfit you suggested once. All the snaps will be enlarged, and I’m looking forward to some excellent results.

Hope Flo, & Jim are well and happy ---- Also you! ---
Joke of the week!
She – “What a small organ you have.”
He – “ I never expected to play it so large a cathedral.”

With a warm handshake –
P.S. – Working quite hard; but making a big success of it! The men & officers go for me in a big way
Keene State College
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Stoff 1943

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