Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff - December 17, 1943, Letter 2



Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff - December 17, 1943, Letter 2




Stoff Family


New Orleans, Louisiana


Stoff, George














Pvt. G. Stoff, 42050100
8th Bn. Co. A.,
Port Apprentices
A.S.F. – UTC. – NO SA,
New Orleans (12) La.

Mrs. Geo. Stoff
3021 Avenue I,
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Friday, Dec. 17, 1943
Florence, dearest:
Jimmy’s picture which I have along side of me on the wall certainly works wonders in keeping me in such good spirits, and ever hopeful that the day will come soon when the Victory March homeward to my loved ones will begin. His cheerful, effervescent smile, those roguish eyes, and that happy countenance, keep reminding me of his mother and my sweetheart. It seems uncanny that the little fellow should resemble me, but have his mother’s nature, and believe you me, darling, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It sure is a great feeling to be able to love and adore you, and to have a son who gives me a chance to intensify that love. Keep that smile going, dear, and time will pass ever so quickly.

Things are moving along nicely: food continues excellent; weather is improving; I feel swell, and I hope everyone at home is in excellent health and spirits. With the Xmas holidays coming along, and you busy shopping and taking care of Jim and home, you must be extremely busy. I hope the phone calls have subsided a bit, allowing you all the time you need.

Although the mail is delayed several days, I receive quite a bit of mail when it does arrive. When I finish writing this I will endeavor to answer some of the other letters.

Let me know how Jimmy is coming along with his talking and walking, and how he enjoys the Xmas spirit. I hope Bess is adjusting herself to Hy’s fate, and there is little else to do. Where is she contemplating living, when, as, and if he is taken into the armed services. Has Thelma been around to see you yet? And where is Maurice? Have they gotten around to [some?] of the other men in the house? I see by the papers that the market is acting up again; ask Pincus what he recommends doing with my holdings, if anything. Where are you having Xmas dinner? But no matter because I’ll be there in spirit anyway. Have I been neglecting anyone?

There is little else to relate now, other than that I still love and miss you, but mentally I always have a kiss in mind for you.
As ever,

My best to everyone!


Keene State College

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