Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, January 16-17, 1945, Letter 2



Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, January 16-17, 1945, Letter 2


Letter, 8 Pages, Envelope


Keene State College
Stoff Family


Brooklyn, New York


Florence Stoff














Mrs. Florence Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Bklyn 10, N.Y.

Cpt. George Stoff (42050100)
Co A – 735 RW OPN BN
APO # 228 % Postmaster
New York – N.Y.

Tuesday eve, Jan 16 –

George, dearest,
Just finished writing a V mail letter to you and hope this finds you well. Your recent sniffle, I hope didn’t turn out to be a bad cold. Jim and I are fine and hope the war ends soon so that we may be a happy trio again. Tomorrow will start your 14th month in the army and all these long months will be part of the dead past once you return to us. The folks, Bob and Francis, and my family are well. Joel’s condition is the same, very low – and there’s nothing we can do for him.

Jimmie is growing so big and handsome, knows plenty of smart talk and can be spoiled so easily at this stage of his childhood. I’m doing my utmost to see that he doesn’t get his way and the results will be seen when Daddy comes marching home. Just hurry, my darling. Since seeing you on the screen last night I just can’t get your face out of my mind and I hope I have more dreams of you tonight. Longing for you and wishing very hard for the end of the war will be my most ardent desire and prayer until peace comes to this earth once more.

We remained indoors because of the heavy snowfall last night and it’s been snowing most of the day. My sisters Eleanor and Bess came here this afternoon, after seeing Joel at the hospital, and we all had dinner together. Thelma had an appointment and later they all met and went to the movies. I could have gone but preferred to write to you and read my most interesting book to-night. Before I forget, Thelma’s address is 2620 Glenwood Road and if you do write don’t make it too sentimental. I spoke to the folks today and they’re well, had an enjoyable evening last night, and send their love to you. Charlie came in to talk with me for a little while and sends his best wishes to you. He is staying in the apartment and [Iline?] is at his mother’s home.

Good-night, dearest, and I do love you every moment of every waking hour. Take good care of yourself and I’ll do my best on this side of the ocean. My weight is 106 and I’ll gain plenty when that day of victory arrives. Jimmie stills calls occasionally for “my Daddy’s bed” but will outgrow that phase very soon.

All my love and devotion with plenty of hugs and kisses from Jimmie and me.

Wednesday, Jan. 17th

Dearest sweetheart,
Hope this finds you in the best of health and please don’t worry about us at home. Love is making a strong woman out of me, especially these days with so much tension and heartbreak all around. It’s a real pity that you have some extra worries on your shoulders these days but please don’t fret too much because the future always looks brighter with so much to live for. Baby and I are fine, miss you so very much and never stop thinking of you for one moment. The folks are well and Bob and Francis are still in Brooklyn. My family is very much upset over Joel but there’s nothing any of us can do for him. Thelma got word to-day from the Red Cross that Maurice has been granted a furlough but I doubt very much whether Joel will hang on much longer. In any event, he may help Thelma in her hour of need – I hope.

Today the sun was shining and I was quite happy to get two V. mail letters from you dated Dec 29th and Dec. 30th. Thanks for the packages that are coming this way and I do hope you received some of mine by now. And are you getting more mail from us? Haven’t had much chance to contact Harry’s wife but I will as soon as the strain is off regarding Thelma and Joel. Jimmie and I managed a walk this morning but not too far because of the snow-laden sidewalks. Bess came in early from Thelma’s and found us outdoors. I mailed a package for you from the folks and hope you get it all in good order.

During the afternoon, I visited Joel, who looked like his old self and Bess took care of Jim for the afternoon. I returned early and spent a few hours in the living room with Jim and Bess. We played, read nursery rhymes and discussed life in general. The family will be here later in the evening and it seems as though we’re sure pulling together these days. We’ve got to and sure miss our best stand by in any kind of stress – my dearest George.

No other mail but plenty of calls come here from the family, friends and the office. Stay well, dearest, and remember I love you with all my heart. Hugs and kisses from Jimmie, and from the folks and best wishes from my family and all our friends. Best regards to your buddies.

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