Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, France, December 15, 1944



Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, France, December 15, 1944


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Stoff, George














CPL. Geo Stoff 42050100
Co A 735 Ry OPN BN
APO 228 c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Mrs. Florence Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn 10,
New York

Somewhere in France
15 December 1944

Florence, sweetheart:
There is this satisfaction to be obtained from our present separation and that is the realization of our love and devotion to each other. It is true we were in love before we married, and completely so since then, but somehow I now get the feeling that both of us took this erotic emotion for granted in without realizing what a privilege it would be to be around to carry out our feelings. Yes, my darling, we are privileged to be so much in love, and what’s more we knew it, this realization is bound to be quite a factor in our future life together, because I intend doing everything humanly possible to carry out some of the wonderful things only two people in love could plan. It may take a little while longer until I get home but have no fear, my dearest, I’ll be there – and then, our day will come.

Received only one letter to-day, one of yours dated Nov. 28th , written from the country. I’m glad you are spending so much time up there for I feel you are at least not lonesome as you probably are in the apartment. If you and Jim look as well as you did in that snapshot you sent me I feel confident that you are as brave as you try to convince me you have been. I am patiently awaiting the photos of you and Jim taken more recently. As soon as the camera arrives I’ll give you a rough idea of what your GI sweetheart looks like overseas.

I hope you gave Bob and Fran the opportunity to get acquainted with Jim during his leave at home. It would be a pity for two such fine lads not to get
to know each other better. Write me all about Bob, his appearances, outlook, health and experiences. I received a letter from him the other day dated Nov. 7th, but this news is old to me now.

Have been writing letters for the past 3 hours in the desire to reply to all the mail I receive the day before yesterday but I’m afraid I’ll not be able to finish all of them to-night. I wrote Eleanor a long letter among others. Please be sure to advise everyone that my present APO number is 228; this will expedite delivery of mail. No packages to-day, but there are still 10 days to Xmas, and I’m hopeful they will arrive by that time. In any event they are sure to be welcome whenever they get here.

I notice you write almost daily, but dearest, realize that merely a description of the weather is hardly the kind of new I want. I know you are plenty busy keeping up with Jim but do try to give me some of the facts and goings-on at home. How is Joel? What is wrong with him? Is Mr. [Pincus?] well? His letters sound as though he was in poor health. Are you managing all right? Do you feel 100%? You sound cheerful about Jimmy, but say too little about yourself. I know only too well your desire to spare my feelings during my absence but these are the things I’m fighting for , so make with the news.

Sunday I’m getting off, and intend going to town early to visit the Cathedral when Mass is sung by the Cardinal, after which I expect to go a sight-seeing and perhaps I’ll find some antiques or something. I have already collected some choice items for my only sweetheart, and pretty soon I’ll be forwarding all this stuff to you. I only hope it arrives in good condition. Did the other 2 bundles arrive, and were they intact upon arrival? Did the money arrive I sent you finance office?

I’m feeling swell, in good spirits, chow is rapidly improving, and the boys and I are all ready for the boat trip back, when, as and if – It must come some day so continue being hopeful, don’t worry, keep smiling, and keep our home fires a-burning, even this will come to an end.

Please kiss Jim and my folks for me, and I’ll kiss you in mind with all my love. My best wishes to everyone for a Happy New Year, and to you, honey, every hope that long before a new year rolls around we’ll be together again.

As ever,


Keene State College

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