Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, June 3, 1944, Letter 2



Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, June 3, 1944, Letter 2


Letter, 2 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Brooklyn, New York


Stoff, Florence














Florence Stoff
[return address obscured under envelope flap]

Cp’l George Stoff
Co A – 735 RWY OPN BN
Fort Snelling, Minn.

Saturday evening,
June 3rd 1944.
George, dearest,
The weather was delightful today and an ideal June day. Baby and I awoke early, did the few household chores and got dressed up. Jimmie wore an adorable yellow silk jersey suit for the first time to day and almost everyone who saw him in it admired both him and the suit. Shirley gave him that gift and it’s so pretty that I took two snapshots of him, one alone and one with Margorie [Popokin?] I’ve been wearing cottons all week and feel so comfortable and clean in them. I just don’t like to press those dresses in the summer. How do you manage with your cottons and did you find a good laundry to do them?

After getting your Wednesday letter I’m in doubt whether you think it advisable for baby and me to come out to Minnesota. You made it sound as though it won’t be a good set up for us and that, my darling, is not what you or I want at any time. It’s true that I do miss you, need you all the time and baby needs Daddy too but it’ll be unwise if the result of our visit will end up with both of us having heavier hearts. That’s what I’m a little afraid of and do hope your call to-morrow will help me decide. Your folks will be here to-morrow – again and Mom mentioned that Kay and Anita were staying with them overnight and there’ll be dinner for all of us to-morrow. My plans aren’t definite for Sunday because I so intend to go to the hospital again and weather permitting, I’d like to take Jimmie to Prospect Park.

After our lunch to-day, Jimmie had his nap for 1 ¼ hrs. in his crib. Then downstairs, where we met Ruth [Poflin?] who had nothing special to do so I suggested Vanderneer Park. Off we went with Jimmie and Margie and had a delightful few hours there with our offspring. Jimmie ran all over the place, pushed a big boy (2 yrs. old) down twice and made him cry, ran off with all Margie’s toys and even wet once in his yellow suit. The mother of the 2 year old remarked how strong baby is and wished her boy would become as self-sufficient and mischievous as our rascal. Aren’t you proud, darling? So many people tell me how adorable baby looks lately that I’m getting to believe it. The good Humor man came around so we treated ourselves to ice-cream and all in all had a pleasant afternoon. Teddy Sophin is now at Virginia Beach.

Tonight I have no date except with Jimmie and Lawrence who’s fast asleep on your bed. The Rosen’s are out to the movies and a little while ago Toby came up to pay me a visit. The other night I decided not to go (movies) because some neighbors came in and it was too late when they left. All’s well at home so don’t worry. Joel is cheerful but Tuesday is the big day.

I love you as always and I’ll say good-night now with all my love and devotion to you. A hug and kiss from precious.
Yours always,


Keene State College

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