Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, June 7, 1945


Stoff Family
Cpl Geo. Stoff 42050100
Co A 735 Ry opn Bn
APO 350 0/0 Postmaster
New York

c/o Baxt.
41 Landfield Av
Monticello N.y.

Florence, darling,
You can hardly realize how happy it makes me to know that you and Jim are out of the city missing this broiling sun, high humidity and the sultry nights. And for the past two days no running water in the apartment. It seems that the plumbers were unable to locate parts for their repairs. The tenants, including your precious husband, have to obtain water from the fire hydrant located near the side of the house, some fun, but it should all be over this afternoon. Thursday night I had dinner at my mother’s, so I managed to shower there; other than this slight inconvenience everything is moving along smoothly in your little palace.

I hope you and Jim are again in good health and spirits. I suppose a child must have an off day occasionally, but I’m certain you have him under control. Of course I miss you both very much, but then these week-ends come around quickly enough, and presto, we are a happy unit once again. Received your letter describing Feller’s farm, and gin mill attached, and cannot arrive at a conclusion to advise you. I certainly want you to take every precaution before making a change. It would be too much to get stuck twice in so short a time. Jules told me about a place near Port Jennis, which he is going to visit over the 4th, or maybe sooner. ($28 per week and ½ rate for any child) So don’t rush even if you are compelled to hang around another week. I know your present set up is putrid, but it certainly is better in the country than in the broiling oven down here. Let us hope that in the very near future we shall have the good fortune to purchase our own little Castle in the country, to solve this problem for years to come. We have been pretty lucky up to now, and I hope Dame Fortune keeps smiling on you and James and me.

Business is pretty quiet, and I am not over-working myself. Some of your mother’s stocks are going up, and this is always good news. Am having dinner with the Eidlers to-nite, and then we are driving up to Jules’s house, to visit them, and from there we are going to pay Abby Schramm a Schiva visit. The poor guy and his father are all broken up over his mother’s demise.

Bob is feeling pretty good, and looking forward to seeing you, as is his brother, George. Until then, with love and kisses to you both, and with every hope all is well, you find me,
as ever,
Keene State College
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