Letter, Bob Stoff to George, Florence, and Jim Stoff, January 17, 1943



Letter, Bob Stoff to George, Florence, and Jim Stoff, January 17, 1943


Letter, 8 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Fort Jackson, South Carolina


Stoff, Bob














Jan. 17th, 1942

Dear Gg, Flo & Jim: -

I’m in a bit of a dither, what with work, and preparation for my coming furlough, so cannot definitely recall when I last wrote to you, or whether or not I answered your questions. With this in mind, should I repeat myself, please place blame on army. –

First however, let me say that I feel in excellent health, and in good spirits. I have just completed a huge lunch of chicken, and feel like a good epicurean should. I am now in my hut, writing on an impromptu, makeshift desk. This I’ll do until I clean up my correspondence. After which, I shall splurge to the extent of a post. movie (15 ¢)

You mention making my train reservation early. I wish it were just as simple. However, have no fear, my reservation, if I take the meteor will be made by the Colonel. You see George, I still don’t know exactly when I’m leaving.

Here’s the situation – I’m scheduled to leave on Jan 30th. If this comes about, I’ll leave the night of the 29th. This will get me in New York, Saturday the 30th. But - I am working angles – If my furlough can start the 1st of Feb., a Monday, I can leave Saturday afternoon, or possibly with the aid of a heavenly miracle, on Friday night. Of course you can see the gain.

At any rate, Fran wants to meet me at Penn. Station. So I’ll send her a a telegram giving time and date of arrival. I’ll instruct her to phone you and Mom, so that anyone else who can make it – can do so. Phoning is too involved – hence the wire.

Need I again remind you of the financial angle. Having bought pants, paid off my debts, and with a tidy sum to go for cleaning – plus $60 I sent home, you must appreciate how broke I am.

George, my watch broke again, and this time I’m fed up. I brought it to a jewelers who offered me $15 for same; but being sentimental, I still have watch in my possession. However, I know what’s wrong with the watch. You see, it’s extremely small for a shockproof service watch, and the mechanism is too small to take the beating I give it. Don’t say, “I told you so.” But rather, let’s try to work together. I want very much to trade it in. Or at least, to get another watch. Perhaps with your connections in that line, we can manage something. Please, if you have the time, see what can be done.

The weather has turned uncomfortably warm, and I suppose more colds will inevitably result. Even I, who like the warm weather, find it most annoying.

Training is still being conducted without any definite progressive nature, and to my way of thinking, it’s without benefit to anyone.

Waiting for the days to pass is most difficult. When I elaborate about this, if I ever get home, you’ll appreciate how I feel. Hoping all’s well with everyone – You find me with that old handshake in mind. BoB


Keene State College

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