Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Brooklyn, New York, December 16, 1943


Stoff Family
Mrs. George Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn, New York

Pvt. George Stoff (42050100)
Co A 8th Bn (camp)
New Orleans, La.

Thursday noon & aft.
Dec. 16th 1943

Dearest George,
When I awoke very early this morning, only you were in my thoughts and how I wanted you close to me. Now that I’ve finally thawed out after four weeks, I’m starting to miss your being, your kissing and loving – just all of you. Even baby senses something in the air especially when I give him those kisses and hugs for Daddy – I should be as careful of his soft bones when I give him that extra special bear hug on the dining room floor. He’s my George Jr.

Your “Romantic New Orleans” came in the morning mail with your Monday letter. From your visit to N.O. I gather you were a bit disappointed and perhaps your next leave will be more interesting. The nuts haven’t arrived as yet. I do hope you get that letter with the $10.00 by now – I almost sorry I didn’t send a money order. Next time I’ll do it the right way. I can’t send anything to Bob until I get his new address. It’s sure a screwed up Xmas this year, my darling. I’ll be happy just to know you’re well and I’ll care for the home front.

Last night Winnie spent some time here and we discussed everything in general – even you, my love. Ruth Gilbert, Mr. Pincus and the folks called. This morning Vinnie & I walked with the babies and the weather is quite cold – 10 above zero. Jimmie looked like a cherub when I brought him into the apartment and the warmth sure felt good. We’ll remain indoors again to-day and there’s always something to do. Those “Life” magazines are being taken care of, honestly. I went through 15 last night.

Haven’t discussed a lease as yet but will in a week or so. Checks are made out and will be mailed on the 20th and other bills will be taken care of as soon as they arrive.

Baby and Mommy are fine, baby’s asleep now after a swell lunch. He sure makes a mess of himself with a chocolate cookie and I’m trying to teach him how to eat. He’s a little too young and is still ambidextrous so I’ll wait a while longer. Everything comes with time, my dearest one, and I’m also looking forward with such happiness to that day when I’ll see you again. Baby will surprise you so much, dear Daddy, so be prepared.

Expect to shop again to-night with Betty while Ben does that wonderful job of watching over our little one. I’m so grateful for these wonderful neighbors – they mean so much to me at this time. I’ll use the car which was O.K. the last time I had it out.

Your meals sound as though they’re good and you’ve finally had beans served. Aren’t you lucky? Your job must be important and I’m sure you’ll prove to be worthy of it.

With all my love and every wish that you’re well, I am
Lovingly yours
Keene State College
Item sets
Stoff 1943