Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Brooklyn, New York, December 17, 1943


Stoff Family
Mrs. George Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn, New York

Pvt. George Stoff (42050100)
Co. A 8th Bx (camp)
New Orleans, La.

Friday afternoon
Dec. 17th 1943
Please forgive me for the small complaints I’ve written about in those letters up to now. Mentally I’ve been going through various changes, as you, my love, and I believe I’ve finally adjusted myself mentally and I’ll try to be most cheerful henceforth. I do hope you get some of my mail since Saturday. Your letters are reaching me daily, in fact I received two yesterday. That U.S.O. organization must be very delightful to all the soldiers and they’ll get a check for $2.50 this month.

Jimmie and I are in good health and to-morrow – I have an appointment with Dr. Daichman for that last check-up. We’ll see Dr. Carnes this week and you’ll get the reports.

Last night I used the car and went shopping with Betty and Winnie. First to Sears where I made a few purchases, then to a decorators where Winnie bought 2 miniatures and I got 10% disc. for her from the salesman whom I know. Later we saw Eleanor at her place and Ruby, also met Mr. Bernstein. They weren’t busy and the weather last night was bitter cold. Eleanor gave me some supposedly funny records which I’ll play this aft. when Jimmie awakens. By the way, if I’m indoors for another day I’ll try to assort the records in the albums and place them in a convenient corner where baby can’t get at them. Jimmie is sure getting around in our sweet home and is finding all the breaks but he’s not too destructive as yet.

How are you, my darling? I hope your voice is clear again and am looking forward with great happiness until I’ll hear you on the phone again. Those are the great moments of my life at the present time.

Baby and I had a swell chicken dinner, soup with every vegetable, apple-sauce, square of chocolate and milk. Mommy is sure going to be a good cook after making all kinds of soups and different concoctions this winter. I’ll even try to bake cookies and if successful, you will get a batch real soon. Your package is ready for mailing – I’m awaiting the new address. Would you like a camera, if I can locate one? Are you allowed to take snaps? Let me know soon. Baby and I had some snaps taken the other day and will finish off the roll over the week-end if the weather permits.

Billy mentioned that your gifts were in the mail last week before you requested those sandals. But he wants to get them as a personal gift so I gave him your size and you’ll get them soon. Anything else that you’d like?

Mr. Pincus called and mentioned that he writes often to you. Jules spoke with me yesterday and expects to see me on the 26th at the reception – the Bar Mitzvah is on the 25th. Spoke with the folks and they’re quite busy. Expect to call Ann Rosenburg later.

Your second visit to New Orleans sounds more successful than the first and I hope the next time you see the place, you’ll have an even more enjoyable evening.

Thanks a million, my dearest one, for the sweet thought of sending me a gift. I didn’t get it as yet but am all excited.

With all my devotion and love to you darling and a kiss from Jimmie, until tomorrow I remain Lovingly yours,
Keene State College
Item sets
Stoff 1943