Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Brooklyn, New York, November 25, 1944



Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Brooklyn, New York, November 25, 1944


Letter, 6 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Brooklyn, New York


Stoff, Florence














Mrs. Florence Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn 10, N.Y.

Cpl. George Stoff (42050100)
Co A - 735 RWY OPN BN
APO # 562 c/o Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Saturday eve –
Nov 25th 1944.
Dearest George,
Baby and I are fine and as always miss you every moment. This past week just flew by and to-morrow – will find us going back to the country with Hy and Jan. Bess will stay with Thelma and Joel until something definite happens – either Maurice’s return home or Joel being hospitalized. Meantime everything is the same with Joel and Thelma feels a little better with Bess to cheer her.

Hope that all is well with you and that you’ve had some more letters from home. Bob came to see us this morning and played with Jimmie for quite a while. We talked about flying and he sure loves it. Bob looks very well and is so happy to be here in his hometown with the family. He wrote you a long letter yesterday just chock full of news and will write again in a day or so. I’ll try to call him again tomorrow before I leave just to wish him the best of luck and a safe return soon.

Weather was nice today with a snap in the air and I dressed Jim in a new suit, which the [Starches?] gave him as a gift. He looks like some boy doll out of a story book with that cute smile, that golden curl showing out of his hat and 2 rosy cheeks. Bess and I walked on the avenue with Jon and Jim, stopped in for chocolate floats which the children love and later visited Thelma and Joel. I stayed with Jon and Jim downstairs and then Bess came down while I went upstairs to see Joel and Thelma. We got home early and fed the babes supper and made dinners for ourselves. Mom and Pop came in at 7 o’clock and were so anxious to see Jimmie. He stayed up until 8 p.m. and was thrilled to see the folks and also his new-toy which they brought. A long stick with a novelty wooden wheel attachment; more like this [drawing of toy inserted here]. It’s a toy that he pushes around and only insisted upon taking it to bed with him to-night.

No mail from you this morning but received a package of perfume from Joseph Shepard. It was very thoughtful of him and I’ll write him a letter of thanks in a day or so. Perfume is Marth’s “Projets” and seems to be delightful and Mom also received a bottle from him. Would it be too much trouble to get more bottles of perfume for my sisters and Mom (it’s my suggestion, not theirs) and I’ll forward the money, when I hear from you, by money order. Mr. Pincus just called to tell me that he received a letter from you dated Nov. 9th. Mr. Brown also had one from you today in which you wrote that you were going to visit Cherbourg. Mr. Pincus is fine and sends his best to you as always. He’s still a swell friend.

Good-night, sweetheart and pleasant dreams. I love you more and more each day and just hope the war will end soon. It seems like such a bad dream and it’s about time it ended. Meanwhile, my chin is up so don’t worry about Jimmie and me. Just keep well. All my love and devotion to you as always.


Keene State College

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