Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Brooklyn, New York, June 11, 1945



Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Brooklyn, New York, June 11, 1945


Letter, 4 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Brooklyn, New York


Stoff, Florence
Hammond, Sydney (Transcriber)














Mrs. Florence Stoff
3021 Avenue I
Brooklyn, 10, N.Y.

Cpl. George Stoff 42050100
CoA. 735 Rwy OPN BN
APO# 350 c/o Postmaster
New York - N.Y.

June 11th

George, my love,
Lucky me! Received 6 letters today from my one and only sweetheart. The latest photo of you is just swell and I mean it. The letters were dated May 20, 21, 22 and 31 - June 3rd and 4th All contained cheerful news but I honestly wish you were less homesick now that our reunion is so close. It’s much easier for me to rush the next few months and Jim always keep me so busy. The pressed rose is lovely and I’ll cherish it always. It’s good know you have a garden near the house and perhaps you’ll get around to some nice not- bombed out places in your vicinity. But please don’t go places alone so I’ll not worry too much. The snaps are coming through fine and I hope to send you some after next week. As you know, I’m leaving Wednesday morning for Monticello and I’ve already arranged with the P.O. about my mail and parcels. Expect to disconnect the phone, electric + gas temporarily.

The day was warm and very muggy but we can’t complain. Jim, the rascal awoke at six and managed to wake me too. We were out by 10 a.m. shopped and had an early lunch and our usual naps. Betty called during the afternoon and she’s fine but already feels kind of a strange toward Bernie.

Bernie is now in Manila and hates it because of the poor conditions, slums and his homesickness. Fritzie’s husband isn’t due for discharge and may have to go to the Pacific with his outfit. Also spoke to Mom and Pop and they’re well. I bought some meat for Mom and drove over to the house this afternoon. The car is fine and I’ll have checked up thoroughly to-morrow.

Thanks again darling for all those packages you’ve sent and are still sending. About that perfume, if you’re unable to obtain it please don’t because I’ve got so much now. I also inquired about parcels to Belgium and the rates are very high now but will come down gradually in the future.

About those past months in Europe. I had a feeling you weren’t too comfortable many days and nights and not writing about your quarters convinced me that you were keeping the truth from us at home. But the worst is over (I hope) and it’s all part of the horrid and ugly past. You’ll sure have plenty of tales to tell our precious one when he’s able to see and hear all.

My thoughts are with you always and that phrase you quoted from Milton really puts me in Paradise when I think of you. You still thrill me, darling, whether it’s through the medium of letters, your voice or even a snapshot. I sure have precious memories of us and our love. I love you - I love you, darling George. Love from Jim.
As ever, Florence


Keene State College

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