Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Hamm, Germany, June 14, 1945



Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Hamm, Germany, June 14, 1945


Letter, 4 Pages, Envelope


Stoff Family


Hamm, Germany


Stoff, George
Terry, Alexander (Transcriber)














Cpl Geo. Stoff 42050100
Co A 735 Ry OPN BN
Apo 350 % Postmaster
New York, N.Y.

Mrs. Florence Stoff
% Baxt
41 Landfield Ave
Monticello, NY

14 June 1945

Florence, darling:
I am back in stride again, sweetheart, with four letters from you dated June 4th and 7th air mail and two v-mail dated June 5th. To admit it was a relief to once again read your elegant letters would be putting it mildly. I was more like a little puppy scratching for a bone as I hurried to open your letters. The news was all good, just as I expected, and the enclosures were not only interesting but most desirable. Thanks so much for everything, and to-night I’ll try to write a letter that will ramble less than those I penned in the last few days.

News about Jim adding a few pounds to that tall frame of his was most encouraging and I know you are pleased too. Of course an active boy like he is will hardly grow fat but we sure want him strong and wiry. I know the summer outdoors is going to be wonderful for both of you, and I truly hope the human element doesn’t spoil it for you - he should be having quite a time looking at the snaps I've been sending you in the past few weeks. To-day I gathered up about 15 to 20 more and will send some along in my daily letter.

It surprised me to learn that my letters were overnight, and I sure am sorry you have been disturbed several mornings to make up the postal difference, I’ll try to avoid that in the future, but do hope you are enjoying the many snaps. Talking about package stamps, did you ever receive the first day covers you sent away for? Also will you please buy a sheet of the 3 cent stamp described on the enclosed squib. Thank you, again. I intend sending you all the pictures I have, including many you sent me, in the letters to follow. I also have others papers and items I intend sending home, and will do so shortly. Please preserve any of these records until my return. Also advise when received as well as any packages. I do hope that perfume reaches you soon.

I wrote you some days ago about giving my pop that cigarette lighter I sent home, and wonder if it arrived yet. I had hoped it would get there for Father’s Day and his birthday, but if not give it to him for the anniversary. I have already sent a cable to pop for Father’s Day, and this morning I cabled an anniversary greetings. No doubt you will take care of some little tokens in your usual capable manner. I'm very pleased to learn that the folks are well and in good spirits, and sure hope my stay in the army from here in is not too long. They’re not getting any younger and the past few years of worry and anxiety has done them no good.

Hilda and you are probably closely checking on your husbands, but have no fear on that scare, darling. Now that the war is over, the censorship relaxed, I’m relating you all the facts. Frank works directly opposite to me, he’s company clerk Co.”B”, and we reminisce daily. He has a copy of that same snap I sent you, and no doubt sent it to Hilda. This afternoon we talked about some of New York's restaurants so we had a grand time of it. This made it a bit tough to go to chow at the mess hall at 5:30, but as usual we managed to eat the GI Food. She seems like a pretty good egg, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see them after all this is over.

Your local gossip sounded like Winchell’s column, and I delighted to learn that Joe is getting along so well. Will be able to practice dentistry when he is thru with his treatments? I cannot imagine what the Nelsons could have bought for $1500 at Patchogue, but it should be adequate for a summer place. I still prefer something in the country with trees and grass. This is one of my post war desires, and nothing is going to stop us this time.

So that you may not find any cause to worry about me I promise not to wander about too much in the evenings. Of course, you must realize that we have double - summer time over here, and that it doesn’t get dark until about 10:30 p.m. If I do go walking we at start about 7 and usually in our room by 9. Ray’s wife has also become alarmed about articles in the paper back home, but there have been no such incidents around Hamm since the war ended. Occasionally a guard fires at a Russian, Pole or German rifling a railroad car at night, but that’s too far from me. In any event, sweetheart, I was very careful during the war and I promise not to take any risks now. There’s nothing I desire more than to come home soon, and as well and healthy as I am at this very moment. Hallelujah for those new mattresses!

Bobs letter, a v-mail, depicts bored to no end, and I guess sweating out coming events. He and Fran are quite well. I am so sorry conditions did not warrant your getting moving pictures of him and my folks, but I guess there will be other opportunities. It was nice of Dan to loan you his camera. They are priceless these days. That preview of the knife, bayonet, and sabre collection gave you a rough idea of what I have sent you in recent packages. I also have 2 automatic pistols but can’t mail them. They say. In one of my bundles I sent you a chunk of a buzz-bomb and some shrapnel. Be careful, do not cut yourself, and do not let jimmy touch the stuff. In recent letters I asked many questions, please be sure to answer them.

Time seems to go slowly, and yet the past 19 months seem to be far in the past. I know the future has not been definitely set up for us as yet, but I have every belief that this is our year. One of these days an over age ruling will come out of the War Dept giving me my freedom, and you your sweetheart. Patiently we must carry on, the reunion will be ever so wonderful, and our love will be the envy of everyone, and the source of our great happiness and joy. We are both agreed to all this so let us be stolid as in the past with every conviction that our day is just around the corner. Stay well, have fun, kiss Jim for me, and give everyone my very best. I continue to love and adore you always,
As ever,


Keene State College

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