Boy making blowpipe

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dc.creator Kirk M Endicott
dc.date 01/01/1975
dc.date.accessioned 2017-11-15T21:05:15Z
dc.date.available 2017-11-15T21:05:15Z
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12088/749
dc.description Most meat in the Batek diet comes from arboreal game (monkeys, gibbons, squirrels, etc.) killed by means of blowpipes and poisoned darts. Blowpipes consist of inner and outer tubes of thin-walled bamboo, each tube composed of two lengths of bamboo spliced end-to-end. To make a blowpipe or replace a section of an existing blowpipe, one dries a length of blowpipe bamboo over a fire, wiping and straightening it in the process, as this boy is doing here.
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dc.title Boy making blowpipe
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