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dc.creator Kirk M Endicott 1/1/1990 2017-11-15T21:05:10Z 2017-11-15T21:05:10Z
dc.description The most common species of honeybees in Peninsular Malaysia (Apis dorsata) builds nests that hang below horizontal branches of the tallest forest trees. Some Batek are skilled at climbing the trees, sometimes with the aid of rope ladders made of rattan; stunning the bees with smoky torches; cutting the nests loose; and lowering them to the ground in bark baskets. This is usually done at night when the bees are in their nests and quiet. Here two nests, dark triangular protrusions, can be seen hanging below branches near the trunk of the bee tree (center).
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dc.title Bee tree
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dc.provenance Keene State College

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