Banseng Hoe Papers

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dc.date 02/13/2015
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dc.description Dr. Banseng Hoe was born in Malaysia. In 1964, while studying for his Diploma in Social Work and Administration at the University of Singapore, he conducted fieldwork among the Semelai in Malaysia. His study from that time was published in 2001 as Semelai Communities at Tasek Bera: a Study of the Structure of Orang Asli Society. Dr. Hoe received his Master of Arts in Sociology from the University of Alberta, Canada in 1970 and his Ph.D in Sociology and Anthropology (minor) from Vanderbilt University in 1974. Between 1964 and 1967 he worked as a Social Welfare Officer for the Ministry of Public Affairs, Singapore, first with the government of Malaysia (1964-1965) and then with the Government of Singapore (1965-1967). He was Head of the Asian and Middle Eastern Programme and Social Organization at the Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies, National Museum of Man, from 1974 to 1984. He is presently Curator of Asian Studies at the Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies, Canadian Museum of Civilization. Dr. Hoe has lectured frequently and has received many awards for his work. He is the author of a number of books, manuscripts, reports, scholarly articles and book reviews.The Banseng Hoe Papers document aspects of an anthropologist's research on and fieldwork among the Semelai in Malaysia. The photographs (folder 2) and the news clipping (folder 3) document the period of his fieldwork while the maps and table (folder 1), articles and abstracts (folder 2) and correspondence (folder 5) relate to his research on the Semelai and final report.
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dc.title Banseng Hoe Papers
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