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  • Katherine Marinoff (Keene State College, 04/11/2015)
    Today?s education system puts a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, often referred to as STEM subjects. However, despite the emphasis put on these fields for all students in higher education ...
  • Victoria A Smolenski (Keene State College, 4/9/2016)
    Single-crystal X-ray Diffraction is a non-destructive analytical technique which provides detailed information about the internal molecular lattice of crystalline substances that allows us to view individual atoms that ...
  • Zoomie 
    Brittany Powers (Keene State College, 10/11/2017)
    Title: ZoomieChoreographed by Brittany PowersA roller coaster's change in acceleration is caused by a change in direction. While on a roller coaster we slide or elevate in our seats. Our body absorbs the energy that has ...



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