Aspect Magazine vol. 7, issue 37-38, March-April, 1972

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dc.creator Edward J. Hogan
dc.creator Ellen Link
dc.creator Eric Cashen
dc.creator Richard Latta
dc.creator Bill Meissner
dc.creator John D. Dolan
dc.creator Don Foster
dc.creator James Hagood
dc.creator Emilie Glen
dc.creator Deirdre MacGuire
dc.creator Gregory Fitz Gerald
dc.creator Richard Stansberger
dc.creator Maxine Turner
dc.creator Barbara A. Holland
dc.creator Wilson Stapleton
dc.creator Noelle Wright
dc.creator Harland Ristau
dc.creator Jamie Clark (Student Commentator)
dc.date 3/1/1972
dc.date.accessioned 2017-11-15T21:31:41Z
dc.date.available 2017-11-15T21:31:41Z
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.12088/1759
dc.description The cover, a goldenrod staple-bound paperback, has an illustration of Salt Lake by Edward J. Hogan. There is a note that two of the editors, Frances Yuan and Deborah Becker, have left the magazine due to disagreements concerning the intent of Aspect, and that Ellen Link has joined the editorial staff.The issue begins with an untitled short essay by Ellen Link on the power of language and writing. Included are poems by Richard Latta, Bill Meissner, John D. Dolan, Don Foster, James Hagood, Emilie Glen, Deirdre MacGuire, Gregory Fitz Gerald, Richard Stansberger, Maxine Turner, Barabara A. Holland, and Wilson Stapleton; artwork by Richard Latta, Noelle Wright, and Harland Ristau; and a political essay by Hogan "McGovern: 2—His Record, His Proposals, & Can He Win?" There is an excerpt from Edward King's thoughts published in the Boston Globe on June 7, 1971 regarding Nixon, "In Response to Nixon's Blockade of North Vietnam: I Turned on the TV, My President Was Speaking." In addition, there is an essay by Eric Cashen entitled "Age."Included is a small presses received section with comments by Hogan. The journals included are City Newsletter, published by Community Involvement Through Youth, Inc., EdCentric, published by the Center for Educational Reform, Hey Lady, edited by Edwin H. Burton, WFUSA Federalist Letter, and To Free Mankind, edited by Norman E. Leach. The books listed are Aphorisms and Oraclitus by David Kipp, published by The Green Knight Press, Kyoto in Winter by Tom Galt, and Monday Morning Press, edited by Thomas Montag. There is also an index of volumes V and VI from March 1971-February 1972.On the last page is an apology to readers for a printing delay. The back cover includes a section titled 'The People Inside' that provides a brief biography of the authors. Also listed are the subscription, advertising rates, and a suggestion to readers to send in their works to be reviewed for publishing.
dc.format PDF
dc.language eng
dc.publisher Aspect/ Zephyr Press
dc.rights http://rightsstatements.org/vocab/InC/1.0/
dc.subject American Politics
dc.subject Literature in English, North America
dc.subject United States History
dc.title Aspect Magazine vol. 7, issue 37-38, March-April, 1972
dc.type article
dc.provenance Keene State College

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