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Type: Letter, 3 Pages, Envelop

Description: The letter was written on paper with the American Red Cross symbol at the top and the words AMERICAN RED CROSS centered below that on the front side of the sheet. Also on the front side of the paper, in the bottom right corner, FORM 539 A is printed. The letter was written on both sides of the page. Envelope has a United States of America 6 Cents Air Mail stamp with an image of an airplane. Envelope also has American Red Cross symbol and words printed on the back flap. The letter describes a storm that the author experienced, some updates on his daily activities and well-being, and also how much he misses his family. Sender/Recipient: George Stoff to Florence Stoff

Date: Letter dated as June 7, 1945; postmarked June 9, 1945

Location: Hamm, Germany

Transcriber: Analee Benik

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Keene State College, Stoff Family


Keene, New Hampshire

Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Hamm, Germany, June 7, 1945