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Type: Letter, 4 Pages, Envelop

Description: The letter was written on paper with Private Wire E. LOWITZ & CO. printed in the top left corner of the front side of the paper. The letter was written on only the front side of the page. Envelope has the American Red Cross symbol and the words AMERICAN RED CROSS printed on the back flap. The letter describes the author's misfortune with problems at his apartment, responds to a previous letter he had received from his wife with advice on her living situation, and gives updates on his weekly events.

Sender/Recipient: George Stoff/ Florence Stoff

Date: Postmarked June 7, 1945; Letter dated as Wednesday

Location: No location written in the letter, only what was on envelop.

Transcriber: Analee Benik

*This letter speaks of George seeing Florence and Jim on the weekends, having a visit with his mother, working at the business, and being in the city living in “the apartment.” However, no date or location is given in the letter to indicate if it was really written while George was oversees to either validate or nullify the attached envelop.

Publication Date



Keene State College, Stoff Family


Keene, New Hampshire

Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, New York, June 7, 1945