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Type: Letter, 4 Pages, Envelop

Description: George wrote the Stoff letter 24 to his wife Florence. Many things are talked about, including memories of past vacations, a story about the unfortunate end of a young German girl and expressions of how he misses his family. This letter was written in Hamm, Germany and had a little trouble with finding its location to be sent. The address had to be changed from Brooklyn to Monticello due to the wife and children spending time in a new summer home. The letter is four pages long, with two physical pages written on. On the receive address on the front of the envelope, the original address was crossed out and the new address to the house in Monticello was placed to the right. There is a small smiley face on the back of the envelope.

Sender/ Recipient: George Stoff/ Florence Stoff

Date: June 12, 1945

Location: Hamm, Germany

Transcriber: Bret Lancaster

Publication Date



Keene State College, Stoff Family


Keene, New Hampshire

Letter, George Stoff to Florence Stoff, Hamm, Germany, June 12, 1945