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Type: Letter, 4 Pages, Envelop

Description: The wife Florence wrote the Stoff letter 25. She mostly writes about how she had made it to their new summer home in Monticello. She does start with telling her husband about the dreams she had for the past two nights, and also talks about how her parents miss him as well. The letter was four pages long written on both sides on two papers. On the first page, there is a small red smug, which Florence makes note as “Jim’s work”. Also the original heading of 3031 Avenue 1 is crossed out with the addition seen in the transcription. On the back of the envelope, there is are two smiley faces and more things written vertically, as seen at the beginning of the transcription.

Sender/ Recipient: Florence Stoff/ George Stoff

Date: June 13, 1945

Location: Monticello, New York

Transcriber: Bret Lancaster

Publication Date



Keene State College, Stoff Family


Keene, New Hampshire

Letter, Florence Stoff to George Stoff, Monticello, New York, June 13, 1945