The KSC Orang Asli Archive (OAA) is a repository for published and unpublished documents, films, tapes and other recordings relevant to Orang Asli peoples and cultures. The Orang Asli are the indigenous peoples of Peninsular Malaysia and comprise about 17 to 20 different groups. The OAA aims to facilitate research in Orang Asli studies by preserving documentary materials and making them available to researchers. The archive, a part of the Keene State College Special Collections, include books, periodicals, scholarly research, government documents, journalistic accounts, reports, field notes, correspondence, theses and academic studies from scholars in the field of Orang Asli research. Maps, photographs, slides, videotapes and audiotapes are also collected. The OAA also has a sharing agreement with the Center for Orang Asli Concerns (COAC) to provide each other with copies of important documents whenever possible.

Development of the OAA was made possible through the efforts of Rosemary Gianno, Professor of Sociology/Anthropology at Keene State College and by A. Baer, adjunct professor at Oregon State University, and a generous grant from the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research, Inc. The Orang Asli Archive Endowment has been established to support the work of the archive.


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