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Joan Flood Swetz was raised in suburban Philadelphia, PA. She received her B.S. in Nursing from Villanova University. Swetz was the third Peace Corps nurse to work at Rumah Sakit Orang Asli in Gombak, Malaysia, under the direction of Dr. Malcolm Bolton. She worked at the hospital between October, 1964 and July, 1966. Most patients treated at the hospital were affected by non-acute, chronic conditions, such as tuberculosis, malaria, or parasites. Swetz’s duties were similar to those of Head Nurse, and included supervising the staff, performing special procedures, record keeping, ordering supplies, health and nutrition education, and some work in out-patient clinics. She married Frank Swetz, a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching in Malaysia.

This collection was compiled by Joan Flood Swetz. The contents document Swetz’s work as a nurse in the Peace Corps at Rumah Sakit Orang Asli, a hospital dedicated to serving the Orang Asli people in Gombak, Malaysia. Included are 110 black and white photographs, 7 color photographs, 11 articles from newspapers and magazines, 2 letters of correspondence, and 23 typed pages of excerpts from Dr. Malcolm Bolton’s journal. Some photographs are accompanied by descriptions by Swetz. Also included are two typed pages written by Swetz. One page includes biographical information on Angan binte Botek, a patient with a cardiac condition who travelled to the United States for possible treatment. The second page includes biographical information about Swetz’s time as a Peace Corps Volunteer Nurse and information about Dr. Bolton’s work at the hospital.

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Joan Swetz, Orang Asli, Rumah Sakit Orang Asli, Malaysia, Malcolm Bolton, Angan binte Botek, Gombak, Peace Corps



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