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John Henry Brandt was a professional career officer with the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Public Health Service and the U.S. Military. His government service includes eight years spent working in Southeast Asia in the 1960's, three years in the Micronesian Islands and ten years in the United States, primarily among the Navajo, Ute, Dakota, Chippewa, Pueblo and Apache. During his service overseas he collected ethnological materials in New Guinea, Micronesia and Southeast Asia. These collections were deposited in the American Museum of National History, the Milwaukee Museum, the Kenosha Museum, the Anthropology Museum of Mexico and the Royal Ontario Museum.

John H. Brandt has published widely in scientific journals on ornithology, entomology, ethnology and epidemiology. His anthropological publications include “The Negrito of Peninsular Malaysia”, Journal Siam Society 49: 123-158 and “The Southeast Asian Negrito”, Journal Siam Society 53: 27-43, 1965. A member of the Inter-University Southeast Asia committee during the Vietnam War period, he is currently a member Emeritus of the Explorers Club/NYC and a Research Associate with the Denver Museum of Natural History.

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John Brandt, Orang Asli, Micronesian Islands, New Guinea, ornithology, entomology, ethnology, epidemiology, anthropology


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