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Jennifer Duguid worked at the Rumah Sakit Orang Asli for one year beginning in September of 1965. This hospital, located in Gombak, Malaysia, is dedicated to serving the Orang Asli people. Before working in Malaysia, Duguid was employed as an Occupational Therapist at the Belfast City Hospital in Northern Ireland. While working at the Rumah Sakit Orang Asli, Duguid set up a school for the relatives of patients, where she taught reading, writing, and arts and crafts. She also assisted in teaching English to the Orang Asli Field Staff. The hospital also provided a home to a small number of paraplegic patients. When a new telephone exchange was installed at the hospital, Duguid arranged to have two of the paraplegics trained as operators. After returning to the Belfast City Hospital, Duguid took a community based position in a mainly rural area of South Antrim, which led her to train as a social worker. She worked in the capacity for several years until she married and raised her family.

This collection contains the photographs and artifacts of Jennifer Duguid, collected during her time at the Rumah Sakit Orang Asli in Gombak, Malaysia. Included are 36 black and white photographs and 48 color slides.

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Jennifer Duguid, Orang Asli, Rumah Sakit Orang Asli, Gombak, Malaysia


Education | Occupational Therapy | Social Work

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