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Fall 2008


KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2008-2009 COURSE PROPOSAL FORM DATE OF SUBMISSION: October 1, 2008 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Art: Rosemarie Bernardi, Chair PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Stephen Lucey PROPOSED ACTION: Course title and description changes ORIGINAL COURSE TITLE: ART 111 – Introduction to Art PROPOSED COURSE NUMBER AND/OR TITLE: ART 111 – Introduction to Art History ORIGINAL COURSE DESCRIPTION: A study of the unique features of art and aesthetic experience designed to promote an understanding of artists and their works. Includes materials and techniques of artists, as well as the psychological and cultural aspects of artists in society. For art majors only. Fall, Spring. PROPOSED COURSE DESCRIPTION: General survey of the history of art and architecture from the ancient to modern periods. The course will explore the roles of the artist, art patron, and viewer in society, and feature in-depth analysis and contextual interpretation of works from a select number of world cultures, regions, and stylistic traditions. For Art majors only. Not open to students who have completed IA ART 110. Fall, Spring. LEARNING OUTCOMES: • To identify major art historical period styles • To analyze through keen observation the physical form of a work of art or architecture • To interpret the possible meaning of art works within an appropriate and arguable context / historical tradition • To foster an awareness and sensitivity for diverse cultural and historical views RATIONALE: There has been some confusion recently on the part of students as to what an “introduction to art” entails. Some thought it referred to learning the skills of drawing, painting, etc.; the language of the old course description was in fact vague on this point. These changes are meant to clarify for students the actual academic discipline (art history) and overall course content and coverage as it is currently being taught. RESOURCES: N/A


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