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KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2008-2009 COURSE PROPOSAL HNRSH 290 Honors Humanities (specific title required) DATE OF SUBMISSION: February 2009 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Honors Program Director: Dr. Helen Frink PROPOSED ACTION Course Addition PROPOSED COURSE NUMBER and/or TITLE: HNRSH 290 – Honors Humanities (specific title required) PROPOSED COURSE DESCRIPTION: Honors courses in the humanities will present content-specific titles and descriptions when they are approved by the Honors Program Advisory Council. They will meet Integrative Studies Program Outcomes and Honors Program outcomes appropriate to the course. Prerequisite: Admission to the College Honors Program and ITW or HNRSTW. LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students will be able to: · articulate the ways that the humanities shape, change, and represent our world and or perception of our world · demonstrate knowledge of how the humanities impact or are impacted by life events and perceptions · transcend boundaries between experiential and classroom learning · reflect upon and take responsibility for their continuing intellectual development RATIONALE: Knowledge of the humanities is fundamental to a liberal arts education. RESOURCES: All full-time tenure-track faculty in the humanities will be invited to teach HNRSH courses. Honors humanities courses offered to date include Public Speaking (Nigel Malcolm), Philosophy and the Holocaust (Sander Lee), and Continental Literature: Lovers & Losers (Helen Frink). SIGNATURE PAGE 2008-2009 1. Sponsoring Program: ___Honors Program Advisory Council Chair: Helen Frink_ For _9_ Against_0_ Abstain _0__ Absent 3_ Date __February 13, 2009_______ 2. Advisory Opinions: List the names of the affected departments and include department responses. Communication, Journalism, and Philosophy For _11 Against _1 Abstain_0_ Absent_0 Date March 3, 2009 Chair: Ann Atkinson 3. Dean: Comment: Approved____Not Approved____Signature: _________ Date ________ 4. School Curriculum Committee or the Interdisciplinary ISP Subcommittee: Comment: For ___ Against ___ Abstain ___ Absent ___ Chair: ________________________Date ________ 5. Senate Curriculum Committee: Comment: For ___ Against___ Abstain ___ Absent ___ Chair: ______________Date _________ 6. Keene State College Senate: Passed ___ Failed ___ Information___ Signature: _____________________ Date ________ 7. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs: Approved___ Not Approved____ Information___ Signature: ____________Date ________ 8. President: Approved___ Not Approved___ Information___ Signature: ______________Date ________


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