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KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2007-2008 COURSE PROPOSAL FORM DATE: 19 September 2007 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: American Studies Sally Joyce, Coordinator 8-2691 (sjoyce@keene.edu. PROPOSAL SPONSOR: American Studies Sally Joyce, Coordinator 8-2691 (sjoyce@keene.edu). TITLE SUMMARY: IH AMST 248 CULTURES OF NORTHERN PLAINS INDIANS PROPOSED ACTION: Underline proposed changes . Course Addition Number Change Title Change Credit Change Description Change Prerequisite Change Course Deletion Course Replacement Other: EXISTING (OLD) DATA: PROPOSED (NEW) COURSE TITLE: IH AMST 248 CULTURES OF NORTHERN PLAINS INDIANS Short title: Cultures of No Plains Indians PROPOSED (NEW) COURSE DESCRIPTION: 4 credits An introduction to American Indian studies through the perspectives of Northern Plains Indians, focusing on Plains Indians’ literature, music, art, Indian law, history, and philosophy. Prerequisite: ITW 101. Annually LEARNING OUTCOMES: • Students will demonstrate their ability to analyze cultural texts in a challenging intellectual environment Course Learning Outcomes • Students will demonstrate their ability to integrate forms of scholarship from more than one discipline to understand and interpret American culture • Students will demonstrate their ability to write a clear, complex, and engaging documented essay in standard MLA or other discipline-specific format Integrative Studies Learning Outcomes Diversity Outcomes: • Students will be able to recognize how differences shape approaches to identity, knowledge, and power ����� Students will be able to apply diverse perspectives and experiences to develop disciplinary arguments Global Issues Outcomes: • Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge about cultures, societies, religious worldviews and/or political/economic systems outside of the western context • Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of non-western cultures from the context of those cultures Perspectives Learning Outcomes • Students will be able to explore language use, linguistic forms, and language’s ability to change society and ourselves • Students will understand and interpret diverse evidence about past societies and cultures • Students will be able to evaluate diverse approaches to the study of history and their relationship to power, privilege and difference • Students will be able to analyze a creative text within its cultural, aesthetic, historical, and intellectual contexts Skills Outcomes: • Read with an awareness of purpose Reading: • Ask questions that lead to greater understanding of material ��� Demonstrate the ability to summarize and identify key points Writing • Write with purpose : • Organize, state and develop ideas clearly • Write with syntactical and grammatical competence • Understand and value academic honesty • Cultivate disciplinary and interdisciplinary expertise necessary to question sources, develop ideas, and offer interpretations Critical Thinking • Develop analytical arguments : • Apply critical thinking to important ethical and societal issues and problems • Synthesize information, arguments, and perspectives in order to create new meaning, insight, and understanding • Acknowledge and develop both insight and perspective RATIONALE: Creation of this IS perspectives course is in response to the call for faculty to consider offering courses in the new IS program. American Studies courses are particularly suited to delivering many of the learning outcomes expressed in the design of the IS program. This course will be available for English majors to fulfill a requirement in Differing Cultural Perspectives. RESOURCES: No additional resources needed ADVISORY OPINIONS: English Department SIGNATURE PAGE 2007-2008 1. Sponsoring Program: _________________________ Chair: _______________________ For ___ Against ___ Abstain___ Absent ___ Date _____________ 2. Advisory Opinions: List the names of the affected departments and include department responses. The English Department endorses this proposal by a vote of 8 for 0 opposed, 1 abstention, and 3 absent. 3. School Curriculum Committee (or the ISPC ONLY for Course Proposals designated II): Comment: For ___ Against ___ Abstain ___ Absent ___ Chair: ________________________Date ________ A&H SCC vote: 7-0-0-1 Date: 10/12 4. Dean: Comment: As a course that builds on the writing skills introduced in the Foundation course, this course will be capped at 28. Approved____ Not Approved____ Signature: _________ Date ________ 5. Senate Curriculum Committee: Comment: For ___ Against___ Abstain ___ Absent ___ Chair: __________________________Date _________ 6. Keene State College Senate: Passed ___ Failed ___ Information___ Signature: ____________________________ Date ________ 7. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs: Passed ___ Failed ___ Information___ Signature: _____________________________Date ________ 8. President: Passed ___ Failed ___ Information___ Signature: ____________________________ Date ________


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