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KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2008-2009 ACADEMIC PROGRAM PROPOSAL FORM DATE OF SUBMISSION: October 1, 2008 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Music Department, Joseph Darby ( PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Joseph Darby PROPOSED ACTION: Change in requirements* (for all Music degree programs) Program change - B.A. in Music, Music for Elementary Teachers specialization *Please note that changes pertaining to admission requirements for a major require approval of the Senate Academic Standards Committee. CURRENT PROGRAM: Given as Attachment I, below (KSC Catalog, 2008-09, pp. 54-57). Also available online: (,, and PROPOSED PROGRAM: [NOTE THE FULL PROPOSED CATALOG COPY IS GIVEN ON PP. 12FF OF THIS PROPOSAL, WHAT FOLLOWS HERE IS AN EXPLANATION OF THE PROPOSED CHANGES.] This proposal accomplishes three tasks: add a mid-level assessment review for all Music degree programs; enact a program change for the B.A. in Music, Music for Elementary Teachers; and articulate the program changes resulting from Music's ISP and course proposals of Fall 2008. Here are the details for each change: 1) to add a mid-level assessment review to the entire Music program. The mid-level review does not affect the curricula of our programs. Approval of the proposal would add the following statement to the catalog copy for our degree programs (B.A. in Music; B.M., Music Education; and B.M., Music Performance). The statement would come immediately before the Language Requirement statement in the KSC Catalog: 2 MID-LEVEL REVIEW All music majors must complete a Mid-Level Review prior to the junior year. The Review is normally conducted during the student's fourth semester of study, with adjustments made for transfer credits, participation in national and international exchange programs, and official leaves of absence. The Mid-Level Review consists of an application (information form, transcript, and reflective essay) and an assessment meeting between the candidate and the Faculty Review Panel. Application forms and additional information are available from the Music Department Office. The purpose of the Mid-Level Review is three-fold: 1) to assess the student's academic progress, 2) to assess the student's artistic progress, and 3) to advise the student on academic, artistic, and career goals. Music Education and Music Performance majors whose academic record and/or artistic growth are not at an appropriate level based on state and national standards cannot continue in either of those two Bachelor of Music degree programs, but may continue to be a music major in the Bachelor of Arts in Music program. 2) to provide a program change to the B.A. in Music specialization Music for Elementary Teachers, given as Attachment II, below (2009-2010 KSC Catalog copy) 3) to provide new Catalog copy necessitated by the Music Department and Music ISP curriculum forms submitted in Fall 2008 and approved by the Senate Curriculum Committee, given as Attachment II, below (2009-2010 KSC Catalog copy) All changes to Catalog copy, given in Attachment II, are highlighted in yellow. ================== PROGRAM OBJECTIVES AND /OR LEARNING OUTCOMES: Keene State College is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). The department's objectives and outcomes are consistent with this accrediting agency, as well as those of the New Hampshire Council of Teacher Education (NHCTE) and specialized professional music societies, such as the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS). A hard copy of the Department's program objectives and outcomes is attached to the course proposal (original). An electronic copy is distributed to committee members via email and Blackboard resources, or may be obtained from Joseph Darby ( The document is long - it would be wasteful to reproduce it for everyone involved in the curriculum process. RATIONALE: A mid-level review has been piloted for the past several years in the Music Department. It has proven to be an effective assessment tool and advising session for students. The Department wishes to formalize the process by adding the Mid-Level Review statement to the catalog. 3 The Music Department is seeking ways to improve the quality of its programs. Under the Mid-Level Review, students will not be removed from the Music Department. However, students not meeting the musical, technical, and professional standards of the Bachelor of Music program will be directed to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree at Keene State College. The Mid-Level Review is not an enrollment management tool, it is an assessment tool that helps to ensure academic, artistic, and career success for all music majors. The proposed program change places a great emphasis on music pedagogy and musicianship in the Music for Elementary Teachers specialization. The current curriculum for this specialization has too many music literature requirements and too few pedagogy requirements. RESOURCES: No extra resources are required by this program change. ADVISORY OPINIONS: Education Department 4 ATTACHMENT I – CURRENT PROGRAM, CATALOG COPY 2008-09 Music Bachelor of Arts This program provides a broad foundation in music and is also appropriate for students planning on graduate study. Five specializations are available: Composition Music History Music for Elementary Teachers Music Technology Music Theory A grade C or higher must be earned in each music course counted toward the major. Following an audition for acceptance into the Music degree program, the choice of specialization is determined in consultation with a Music faculty advisor, but all students should begin the theory/aural skills sequence in the first year. All students must pass a basic piano proficiency test and a basic aural skills test before the end of the sophomore year. LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT The student must demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English as specified by the Language Requirement for Students with Majors in the School of Arts and Humanities. The complete policy statement appears at the beginning of the Bachelor’s Degree Programs section of this catalog. INTEGRATIVE STUDIES REQUIREMENTS 44 credits MAJOR REQUIREMENTS 48 53 credits Core Courses 36 credits MU 100 Music Workshop (6 semesters) MU 101, 102, 201, 202, 301, and 302 Applied Music (1 credit each, total 6 credits) IAMU 114 Music Cultures of the World (also meets ISP requirement) MU 118, 119 Functional Piano I and II (2 credits each) (Piano majors may substitute MU 181 Accompanying for MU 118 and MU 119 for a total 4 5 credits) MU 151, 152, 251, and 252 Music Theory I


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