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2007 - 2008


KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2007-2008 Program PROPOSAL FORM DATE: November 8, 2007 SPONSORING program and chair: Theatre and Dance, Dan Patterson, Chair: x82198, PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Same SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Theatre and Dance Department Daniel L. Patterson, chair College Extension #82198 TITLE SUMMARY: PRE-REQUISITE CHANGES OCCASIONED BY NEW NUMBERING AND TITLE CHANGES FOR TAD 231 Western Theatre: Hist/Lit I and TAD 232, Western Theatre: Hist/Lit II PROPOSED ACTION: Underline proposed changes. Program addition Change in requirements* Program redesign Program deletion Changes in prerequisites Other: *Please note that changes pertaining to admission requirements for a major require approval of the Senate Academic Standards Committee. Summary: The Theatre and Dance department is changing the number and Title of the old 131 and 132 Theatre History/Literature I and II Courses to 231 and 232 Western Theatre: His/Lit I and II. This, of course, necessitates program changes in pre-requisites to reflect these changes. The following is a duplicate of the Four-Credit program proposal passed last year with the changes highlighted. PROPOSED NEW CATALOGUE COPY Theatre and Dance, Bachelor of Arts Department of Theatre and Dance Mission Statement The Department of Theatre and Dance is dedicated to providing a comprehensive course of study that balances theory and practice within a sound liberal arts education. Because of the collaborative nature of these disciplines, our students gain practical experience in all facets of production and critical engagement. As artists and teachers, our primary focus is to encourage and guide our students as they experience and question the world through theatre and dance. The Theatre and Dance major gives students the opportunity to specialize in Acting, Directing, Design and Technical Theatre, and Dance. The Acting and Directing specializations offer advanced performance work, with core course sequences and a wide variety of individual courses in specialized areas. The Design and Technical theatre specializations allows students to study design and theatre technology within the framework of both theoretical and practical courses, using the sophisticated facilities of the Redfern Arts Center on Brickyard Pond as a laboratory. The Dance Option focuses primarily on modern dance technique and theory, choreography, dance history, and performance. The ideal graduate of the Theatre and Dance program will be well prepared for a lifetime of appreciation, participation and further study in these Performing Arts. LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT Students must fulfill the current language requirements as described in policy statement which appears at the beginning of the Bachelor's Degree Programs section of this catalog. Theatre and Dance (TAD ) Requirements: A major in Theatre and Dance must fulfill the core requirements and all of the requirements for one of the specializations within the two choices of Option: Theatre Arts, and Dance. Major Requirements (51-53) I. TAD CORE 4 TAD 101 Acting I 4 TAD 112 Modern Dance/Composition I 2 TAD 121 Intro to Tech 1 TAD 123 Theatre Lab I (repeatable) 1 TAD 124 Theatre Lab II 4 TAD 162 Design for the Performing Arts 1 TAD 297 Production Process (repeatable) 17 Total Credits II. Theatre Arts Option Acting Specialization 36 Total Credits 4 TAD 231 Western Theatre: History/Literature I 4 TAD 232 Western Theatre: History/Literature II 4 TAD 205 Theatre Movement (new number) 4 TAD 206 Acting II 4 TAD 282 Voice and Diction 4 TAD 298 Applied performance (Credits for this course are variable from 1-4 depending on the depth of the students’ responsibility in performance. It may be necessary for students to take this course more than once for a total of 4 credits.) 4 TAD 301 Acting III 4 TAD 302 Acting IV 4 TAD 491 Acting & Directing Capstone Directing Specialization 36 Total Credits 4 TAD 231 Western Theatre: History/Literature I 4 TAD 232 Western Theatre: History/Literature II 4 TAD 206 Acting II 4 TAD 227 Stage Management 4 TAD 303 Directing I 4 TAD 304 Directing II 4 TAD 330 Playwriting 4 Choose one from one of the following Design Courses TAD 361 Scenic Design TAD 362 Lighting Design TAD 363 Costume Design 4 TAD 491 Acting & Directing Capstone Design/Technical Theatre Specialization 36 Total Credits 4 TAD 231 Western Theatre: History/Literature I 4 TAD 232 Western Theatre: History/Literature II 2 TAD 223 Theatre Technology Workshop (repeatable) 2 TAD 224 Design Studio (repeatable) 2 An additional 2 credits in either Technology Workshop or Design Studio 4 TAD 265 Rendering for the Theatre 1-4 TAD 297 Production Process (only 1 required) 1-4 TAD 298 Applied Performance (although the credits for these courses are variable from 1-4 credits, students in the Design/Technical Theatre concentration are required to complete a total of 1 credit) 4 TAD 361 Scenic Design 4 TAD 362 Lighting Design 4 TAD 363 Costume Design 4 TAD 493 Design/Technical Theatre Capstone III. DANCE Option 34 total Credits 4 TAD 235 Modern Dance History 2 TAD 298 Applied 4 TAD 318 Research in Choreography (may be repeated once for credit) 4 Choose 4 credits from TAD 495 Dance History Seminar TAD 496/497 Dance Education Internship I/Dance Education Internship II (2 cr. each semester) 20 Choose 20 credits from: TAD 212 Modern Dance/Composition II (may be repeated once for credit) TAD 216 or 217 Jazz Dance or TAD 217 Ballet/Experiential Anatomy TAD 311 Modern Dance/Composition III (may be repeated once for credit) TAD 312 Modern Dance/Composition IV (may be repeated once for credit) TAD 411 Modern Dance/Composition V (may be repeated once for credit) TAD 412 Modern Dance/Composition VI (Senior majors or with permission of instructor)


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