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Fall 2008


KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2008 2009 ACADEMIC PROGRAM PROPOSAL DATE OF SUBMISSION: September 22, 2008 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Education Department Dr. Dottie Bauer PROPOSAL SPONSOR: DR. JOHN COUTURE PROPOSED ACTION: Underline or bold face proposed changes. Program addition Change in requirements* Program redesign Program deletion Other: *Please note that changes pertaining to admission requirements for a major require approval of the Senate Academic Standards Committee. CURRENT PROGRAM: Educational Leadership Certification 22 credits (Meets New Hampshire Certification Competencies for Principal: Grades K 12) Refer to the Master of Education: Educational Leadership Option section of this catalog for a description of this program. Admission Criteria Candidates for admission to the Educational Leadership Certificate Option must submit an Application for Graduate Study in Education, including required materials, to the KSC Admissions Office. For additional information, refer to the Graduate Application. Educational Leadership Certificate Requirements 22 credits o EDUCEL 610 Portfolio Development and Assessment (1 credit) o EDUCEL 621 Organizational Leadership o EDUCEL 622 School Effectiveness and Reform o EDUCEL 631 Staff Selection, Supervision and Evaluation o EDUC 641 School Law o EDUCEL 652 Budget and Facility Management o EDUCEL 697 Principal Internship (fall) o EDUCEL 697 Principal Internship (spring) 2 PROPOSED PROGRAM: Educational Leadership Post


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