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Fall 2008


Updated 18 April 2008 KEENE STATE COLLEGE 2008-2009 COURSE PROPOSAL FORM DATE OF SUBMISSION: September 29, 2008 SPONSORING PROGRAM AND CHAIR: Secondary Education Chairs : Jan Youga (Coordinator) 603-358-2377 PROPOSAL SPONSOR: Secondary Education Committee Coordinator: Jan Youga, Professor, English Department, Parker 304, 603-358-2377 PROPOSED ACTION: Underline or boldface proposed changes. Course Addition Number Change Title Change Credit Change Description Change Prerequisite Change Course Deletion Course Replacement Other: CURRENT COURSE NUMBER, TITLE and DESCRIPTION: EDUC 432: EDUCATIONAL THEORIES/TRENDS 4 Credits Development of a Professional Learning Community in order to explore trends and issues in education within their historical context. Co-requisite or Prerequisite: EDUC 431 Fall, Spring PROPOSED COURSE NUMBER and/or TITLE: Abbreviated Course Title, if necessary: EDUC 432: EDUCATIONAL THEORIES/TRENDS (No change) Updated 18 April 2008 PROPOSED COURSE DESCRIPTION: (Prerequisite change only) 4 Credits Development of a Professional Learning Community in order to explore trends and issues in education within their historical context. Prerequisite: EDUC 331 Fall, Spring LEARNING OUTCOMES: (No change) . Students will • become familiar with major educational theorists including, but not limited to Dewey, Piaget, Vygotsky, and Sizer • establish a Professional Learning Community • read and discuss professional literature • trace the development of secondary education RATIONALE: In discussions about the rotation of future course offerings and staffing, the Secondary Committee realized that we were creating a bottleneck for ourselves by making 431 a pre or co-requisite for this course (EDUC 432) The pre/co-requisite requirement meant that all of our students would have to take this course in the fall of their senior year unless they were on a 41/2 year program. We discussed what knowledge and experience base was essential for this course and decided that what students really needed to appreciate the content of this course was to have Methods I since it provides them with experience in the schools. Changing the prerequisite to EDUC 331 only, means that students can take the course in spring of junior year or fall of senior. RESOURCES: (No change) This course will rotate among the secondary education faculty members. No new resources are needed. ADVISORY OPINIONS: Education Updated 18 April 2008 SIGNATURE PAGE 2008-2009 1. Sponsoring Program: _________________________ Chair Signature: _______________________ For ___ Against ___ Abstain___ Absent ___ Date _____________ 2. Advisory Opinions: List the names of the affected departments and include department responses. 3. School Curriculum Committee (or the ISPC ONLY for Course Proposals designated II): Comment: For ___ Against ___ Abstain ___ Absent ___ Chair: ________________________Date ________ 4. Dean: Comment: Approved____ Not Approved____ Signature: _________ Date ________ 5. Senate Curriculum Committee: Comment: For ___ Against___ Abstain ___ Absent ___ Chair: __________________________Date _________ 6. Keene State College Senate: Passed ___ Failed ___ Information___ Signature: ____________________________ Date ________ 7. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs: Passed ___ Failed ___ Information___ Signature: _____________________________Date ________ 8. President: Passed ___ Failed ___ Information___ Signature: ____________________________ Date ________


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